Monday, August 01, 2011

Diversity Logic: Houston Wedding Reception Ends with One Guest Stabbing the Groom’s Brother, and (Another?) Shooting the Groom to Death

By Nicholas Stix

It all makes perfect sense. Doesn’t every man invite men to his wedding reception who are capable of stabbing his brother and shooting him?

The current official story is that two unnamed reception guests “got in a fight with” Juan Dominguez, and stabbed Dominguez’ brother, though not fatally. The two Dominguez brothers then chased their guests to the latter’s home, where the brothers tried to kick the door in, whereupon one of the occupants (apparently, the non-stabber) shot Juan dead from inside.

This was at 1 a.m., on Sunday morning.

The previous official story was that Juan was seeking help from the homeowner who shot him dead.

The shooter’s name has not been released, meaning that by now, non-Hispanics and Houston Chronicle readers are the only people in Houston who don’t know his name.

Soon, the story—or at least, the official story of the moment—will be sent down the memory hole, and we may never get much of the truth.

At least the brother will presumably be available for pallbearer duty in a few days, at Juan’s funeral, a somber occasion that will again bring together men with guns and knives and hair-trigger tempers.

It all makes perfect sense … in the Diversity Zone.

Thanks to reader-researcher RC, who observes, “Never a dull moment on the weekend here in the formerly American Southwest.”

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