Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CNN Has Finally Found a Hate Crime It Can Report on!

By Nicholas Stix
Warning: The Following Video is Graphic and Disturbing


For the duration of its 31-year existence, CNN has suppressed reporting of black racism in general, and black-on-white crime in particular. But the rare apparent white-on-black crime is right up the leftwing propaganda network’s alley.

And so it is with its report on the June 26 killing of 49-year-old, black auto plant worker, James Craig Anderson, in Jackson, Mississippi, allegedly at the hands of “two carloads of seven white teenagers,” who drove to Jackson, seeking to harm a black, beat Anderson mercilessly, while shouting, “White Power!” After one carload of attackers drove off, Deryl Dedmon, Jr., 18, then ran down Anderson with his truck, accompanied by two girls, killing him instantly. And the whole crime was caught on surveillance video.

Dedmon allegedly bragged via cellphone to his friends in the other car, "I ran that nigger over."

Video shows white teens driving over, killing black man, says DA
By Drew Griffin and Scott Bronstein, CNN Special Investigations
August 8, 2011 2:49 p.m. EDT

Editor's note: The following story contains language some readers may consider offensive.

Jackson, Mississippi (CNN) -- On a recent Sunday morning just before dawn, two carloads of white teenagers drove to Jackson, Mississippi, on what the county district attorney says was a mission of hate: to find and hurt a black person.

In a parking lot on the western side of town they found their victim.

James Craig Anderson, a 49-year-old auto plant worker, was standing in a parking lot, near his car. The teens allegedly beat Anderson repeatedly, yelled racial epithets, including "White Power!" according to witnesses.

Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith says a group of the teens then climbed into their large Ford F250 green pickup truck, floored the gas, and drove the truck right over Anderson, killing him instantly.

Mississippi officials say it was a racially motivated murder. What the gang of teens did not know was that a surveillance camera was focused on the parking lot that night, and many of the events, including the actual murder of Anderson, were captured live on videotape.

CNN has exclusively obtained that surveillance tape. The group of teens that night was led by 18-year-old Deryl Dedmon, Jr., of Brandon, Mississippi, according to police and officials.


Deryl Dedmon, Jr., right could face two life sentences in connection with the killing. John Aaron Rice, left, has been charged with simple assault.

"This was a crime of hate. Dedmon murdered this man because he was black," said Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith. "The evidence will show that."

Asked if there could be any doubt whether the intent was to actually hurt and kill a black person, Smith responded: "No doubt about it. They were going out to look for a black victim to assault, and in this case, even kill."

Dedmon led and instigated the attack from early in the evening, he took part in the beating of Anderson, and Dedmon was also the actual driver of the Ford 250 truck that would serve as the murder weapon, according to officials.

As the teens were partying and drinking miles away from Jackson that night, in largely white Rankin County, Dedmon told friends they should leave, saying "let's go fuck with some niggers," according to law enforcement officials.

Then, the gang of teens climbed into Dedmon's green truck and a white SUV Cherokee, and drove 16 miles down Interstate 20, to the western edge of Jackson, a predominantly black area.

The teens would have seen Anderson immediately as they exited the highway, as the parking lot where he was standing is just beside the exit ramp.

"This is the first business that you get to coming off the highway and so that was the first person that was out here and vulnerable," said district attorney Smith.

On the videotape, obtained and reviewed by CNN, the group of teens is seen pulling into the parking lot, and stopping where Anderson is standing, though he is just off camera and not visible.

The teens can then be seen going back and forth between their cars and Anderson. Witnesses told law enforcement officials this is when the repeated beatings of Anderson took place.

Dedmon pummeled Anderson repeatedly as he crumpled to the street, according to officials, though this is not visible in the videotape. Finally, after the beating some of the teens left and some got into the green truck.

At this moment on the video, Anderson becomes visible, as he staggered into view and walked towards the headlights of the truck. The truck suddenly surges ahead, running over Anderson, then continuing at high speed away from the scene.

Shortly after he allegedly drove the truck over Anderson, Dedmon allegedly boasted and laughed about the killing, according to testimony given by some of the teens to detectives.

"I ran that nigger over," Dedmon allegedly said in a phone conversation to the teens in the other car.

He repeated the racial language in subsequent conversations, according to the law enforcement officials.

"He was not remorseful he was laughing, laughing about the killing," said district attorney Smith.

Later that morning, James Craig Anderson's family learned their 49-year-old brother and son died in a hit and run. Only later, when witness statements were taken did they learn the real horror.

"It appears there is no doubt that this was a racially motivated killing," said Winston Thompson, the attorney representing Anderson's family. "The family is still in shock still in disbelief."

Smith and officials in the Hinds County District Attorney's office say they plan to indict Dedmon for murder and a hate crime.

Deryl Dedmon is thin, weighing a mere 130 pounds, and short -- at 5 feet; he has straggly blond hair and piercing blue eyes.

The teen, just 18 years old, has been charged with murder and now faces a possible double life sentence. Calls to Deryl Dedmon's attorney have gone unanswered.

During a bond hearing his attorney told the court he saw nothing to back up the "racial allegations."

At Dedmon's home, a girl who answered the door pretended not to know him though the pick-up truck he allegedly used as a murder weapon sticks out of the family's garage.

Police say they returned it after the vehicle was processed. A second teen, 18-year-old John Aaron Rice, has been charged with simple assault, for his part in the beating his attorney also did not return calls.

Neither teen has entered a plea.

The other teens in the group have not been charged.

And James Craig Anderson's family has decided to remain silent for now, trying to come to grips with a crime they thought was in Mississippi's past: the murder of a man just because he was black.

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Anonymous said...

This is the white age group that has been subjected to the most brain washing of political correctness of any white generation to date. Somewhere along the brain washing line it didn't take.

Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

Hey Nick, thought this may interest you

Anonymous said...

It illustrates (again) how selective the MSM is when covering crime stories, which is what we have said for years.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

So...if I can read between your lines...since CNN under repoorts black on white violence, this incident should not be reported at all? BTW, if you go to CNN's website there are several links to reports about the violence in Phiadelphia but I had to actually do a search to find this incident. Oh well, Deryl Dedmon, Jr. should get a pass because he's a born again white boy that didn't really do any harm.

"Cracker Power!!!"

Nicholas said...

To whoever is reading this for “Cracker Power”:

Contact the folks at this link; they can help your client.

BTW, CP’s reader, you can use some help, too. My primary meanings are all on the surface; there’s never any need to “read between the lines,” despite the need of some racist fools, like yourself, to flatter themselves.

There may be other, secondary meanings below the surface, but those are extras.

Jamie N. said...

"Deryl Dedmon is thin, weighing a mere 130 pounds, and short -- at 5 feet; he has straggly blond hair and piercing blue eyes. "

- At 18, at his size, a white kid like that is going to have a loooong hell as a 'lifer' in prison, particularly with a reputation for killin' one of the homies. He'd be better off picking a fight with the biggest guy there his first day. Not so he can come across as tough, but so he can get the crap kicked out of himself so badly, he'll spend his time in the hospital vegetable ward instead.

Wesley P. said...

"So...if I can read between your lines...since CNN under repoorts black on white violence, this incident should not be reported at all?"

- Where did Nicholas ever claim that? The fact that he showed this one, and what he's written, if anything, shows that he is for FAIR reporting. Instead of sensationalizing the rare white crime and hiding the plethora of black crimes, report the crimes as they happen, which is what the mainstream media should be doing. Not distorting facts, not hiding some and exaggerating others for political convenience and a quick career gain. Presenting the facts, warts and all, to the public for them to make up their mind.

"BTW, if you go to CNN's website there are several links to reports about the violence in Phiadelphia"

- Yeah, and how many of them report that overwhelmingly the attackers are Black and their victims white? They dance around the pink elephant in the room. One of the primary themes in Nicholas' articles about crimes (including this one).

"but I had to actually do a search to find this incident."

- Not surprising, as it is one person being attacked in the middle of nowhere, as opposed to repeated riots in major cities involving hundreds of rioters where many people are being attacked.

"Oh well, Deryl Dedmon, Jr. should get a pass because he's a born again white boy that didn't really do any harm."

-Where does Nicholas make the claim he should get a pass, or that he did no harm? Are you familiar with the philosophical concept of a 'Straw Man' argument? Since you're fond of doing searches, try searching for that one.

"Cracker Power!!!"
- Interesting way to end a specious b*tchfest about racism- by spouting some yourself. Certainly not at all unusual though in this day and age from those who purport to be against 'white racism'.