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Arlington, Virginia Police Arrest Two, Declare December, 2009 Murder of “Loved” Carl Diener, 57, “a Random Act”; Community Breathes Sigh of Relief

By Nicholas Stix

The Diversity Zone


Murder victim Carl Diener.


The newest mug shots of accused murderers Roger Clark (L) and Jevon Martin (R), respectively.

“We want to know why. We think it was senseless, but still, why?”

Mike Byrne, a friend of the victim.

“Gives you a little bit easier feel about the neighborhood.”

An unnamed neighbor.

Police have declared Carl Diener’s December 29, 2009 murder “random,” as if that were some solace, or as if it even were random. He was allegedly murdered by a couple of black thugs. Thus, the murder was anything but random!

Indeed, alleged killers Roger Clark, 20, and Jevon Martin, 24, who police say beat and stabbed Diener to death, did not even live in the state of Virginia. Clark lived in Severn, Maryland, and Martin resided in Washington. Pray tell, what would bring them to Arlington, at 2 a.m., on Christmas week?

Arlington Police spokeswoman, Detective Crystal Nosal, made a point of denying that the murder was a hate crime (see Washington Post story below). But of course, it wasn't a hate crime. After all, the killers were black, and the vic was white.

When the authorities call a crime of violence against a white or Asian victim “random,” that means it was anything but. That’s simply the newest euphemism for a racist, black-on-white crime. Those well-to-do white folks in Arlington have much to fear. They now live in … The Diversity Zone.


Note that the WJLA/ABC News editor refused to run pictures of the defendants. But I managed to dig some up … which WJLA had buried on their mug shot page!

Two charged in 2009 killing of Arlington man
By Allison Klein, Published: June 13
Washington Post

Police have charged two men in the killing of Carl Diener, a Clarendon community fixture who was attacked and stabbed in 2009 as he walked to his job at a gym.
Roger K. Clark III, 20, of Severn was arrested Wednesday and Javon Martin, 24, of the District was arrested Friday. Both are awaiting transfer to Virginia, Arlington County police said.

Carl Diener, a well-known resident of the Lyon Village area, was a retiree from the federal government who worked at a local health club.

Diener, 57, was found at 2:50 a.m. on Dec. 29, 2009, lying on the street in the 3200 block of North 13th Street in Clarendon; he had been beaten and stabbed. He had been on his way to open the nearby Sport & Health Club.

Police did not disclose a motive for the killing. Detective Crystal Nosal, a police spokeswomen, said investigators do not believe Diener knew his attackers. She also said the killing was not a hate crime and did not involve gang activity.

“He was just walking to the gym,” Nosal said.

Each morning he worked, he would walk about a mile from his Lyon Village home to the health club, friends said.

Diener’s sister, Patti Diener Lough, said many people told her that an arrest in the case would bring her closure.

“It doesn’t bring closure. Nothing can bring Carl back,” she said. “Hopefully it will get some criminals off the streets and it will bring us answers.”
But she added that the answers will be painful because she will have to relive his last moments.

Lough said she felt “somewhat consoled” that two people were arrested, because her brother was 6-foot-4 and very athletic and she believed he would have fought off a single attacker.

“Carl was a strong, powerful guy,” Lough said. “There had to be more than one guy. It just didn’t make sense any other way.”

Diener loved racquet sports, cycling and nutrition. After retiring from his government job in 2008, he worked at two health clubs and dedicated himself to physical fitness.

Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney Richard E. Trodden said more details of the crime will come out at a preliminary hearing for the men, which has not yet been scheduled.

Police Chief M. Douglas Scott said he was pleased with the investigation and the determination of the detectives.

“It illustrates that there are no ‘cold cases’ in Arlington,” Scott said. “We continue to investigate crimes long after they occur.”

Diener’s family, friends and neighbors raised $25,000 for information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of his killer. They also held several vigils and benefits in his memory.

But Nosal said she thinks the $25,000 will not be claimed.

“I don’t think the arrests came from a tip in this case,” Nosal said.

The Lyon Village Citizens Association responded to the killing by identifying and fixing 90 broken street lights and distributing 1,000 fluorescent bulbs so residents could keep their porch lights on at night.

“Carl was a friend and tennis partner of many in our neighborhood, and we hope that these arrests will lead to convictions,” said H.K. Park, president of the association. “Our neighborhood lost some innocence after his death on North 13th Street, but we banded together by collecting tips for the police and by raising money for a reward.”

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed when blacks kill a white a highly productive citizen has lost his life and all you get for the loss is a bunch of free loading scumbags that will continue to freeload with the justice system defending the scumbags? Do the police and the justice system think that blacks support them? Maybe it's because if it wasn't for the presence of blacks in the US we wouldn't have need for so many police and members of the so-called, "justice system".

Anonymous said...

Arm yourselves. It's about all you can do in this rotten world of ours to lessen the odds of being killed by some creep. Every adult who qualifies should AT LEAST take some training (many training requirements are minimal, and all armed citizens need training) and buy their (first) gun. A good starting place is Read up: M. Ayoob's IN THE GRAVEST EXTREME, K. Jackson's THE CORNERED CAT (esp'lly for women). Get knowledge then apply it. The life you save may be your own!