Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Brittney Watts Hate Crime Prevention Act



See also, at WEJB/NSU: “Exclusive! Nkosi Thandiwe, Allied Barton Security Guard Charged with Murdering Brittney Watts was a High-Tech Stalker, Reports Atlanta Source; Company Adopts Bunker Mentality.”


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any news relating to this case. Nkosi is supposed to have a bond hearing on September 26.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the "National Civil Rights Memorial" lists a total of only 40 people murdered by white racists in the years from 1954 through 1968 during the campaign to end Jim Crow Laws.

Yet this was the time when the Klan murdered blacks almost with impunity in the deep South according to Hollywood yet only 40 people died. Compare that death toll with the Zebra Killings in California in the early 70s where AT LEAST 70 whites were murdered by racist blacks.

And contrast that with the thousands of whites who have been murdered by blacks since then, many of them murdered solely for the color of their skin.

Wouldnt it tork out the "liberals" if a National Memorial to the White Victims of Black Violent Crime was built along a major interstate with billboards advertizing it for hundreds of miles? It could show the photos of the perp and victim with a documented description of the crime. It would be quite moving to see the human faces of all those victims of black race hatred. And it would bring home to the viewer how widespread black on white violent crime is.

Of course, security would be a major problem with the violent left constantly trying to shut it down. So it is probably not feasible.

So why not a virtual memorial on line?

Actually there is great site that has compiled an impressive total of documented black on white violent crime complete with the original links to the news stories. And it almost has always has photos of the victims too.

Check it out.

It is a hidden gem.

Nicholas said...


Yeah, I guess this one's ancient history, as far as the MSM are concerned. Thanks for the heads-up.

Nicholas said...


Thanks so much for the BOW crime link; I just added it to my blogroll.