Monday, August 22, 2011

If Sarah Palin Runs, What Then?

By Nicholas Stix


At Republican Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site, Natalie Nichols predicts that Sarah Palin will announce her candidacy for President on September 3 in Iowa.

The commenters there sound like kool-aid drinkers, GOP Revised Standard Version.

If Nichols is right, and Palin’s certainly been teasing, this is very bad news. I have previously written (couldn’t find the link) that someone who can’t tough out the Left’s attacks for more than a half-term as governor of the Union’s most sparsely populated state certainly doesn’t have what it takes to be president.

(Note, however, that Dick Morris is also predicting that Palin will announce on September 3. If she does, it might represent the first time that any Morris prediction has come true!)

Even if Palin did have the requisite grit, she has always seemed to me to be weak on the issues, as well as being intellectually insecure, as we saw when that intellectual heavyweight Katie Couric was able to put her on the defensive in September, 2008, simply by asking her what she read. Of course, already in 2004, “Obama’s” media supporters said that the issues didn’t matter and, sotto voce, “Vote for him, because he’s black!”

Well, I’m neither a brain-dead socialist/communist/whatever, nor am I a “broken glass Republican.”

I’m an American.

I like Bachmann a lot. She’s a fiscal conservative, and her immigration record is excellent. The only other candidate who comes close to her is West.

I doubt that Palin can win the nomination, but she can certainly cause no end of mischief. The way things shape up now, prior to a Palin announcement, the two most politically formidable candidates are Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry, with Allen West as the dark horse candidate.

If Palin runs, she will destroy Bachmann’s viability, by splitting the support for a Republican woman, their deep differences notwithstanding. That would guarantee open borders zealot Rick Perry’s nomination as the GOP candidate. Like his gubernatorial predecessor, Perry poses as an American patriot, and has the same macho swagger, but is ready to sell us out to cheap labor, globalist business interests.

With or without “Obama’s” racial socialism, open borders will destroy America.

[A tip ‘o the party hat to Larry Auster.]


Anonymous said...

Has anyone besides me noticed that the worst candidate on the National Question wins the GOP nomination every four years? The stupid Republican Primary voters ("I didn't know McCain was for amnesty") see to that. In 2008, someone at Vdare wrote that Republicans never vote according to the immigration issue.

David In TN

jeigheff said...

Thanks to World Net Daily and Joseph Farah, I was aware of McCain's stand on amnesty for illegal aliens. I voted for Chuck Baldwin in 2008, even though Chuck had no hope of winning.

I hope ... I mean, I pray ... the Republicans do better this time.

Currahee said...

Remember that running for president is a lucrative business. Palin is a joke, but there are no dumber whites than the pubbie kool aid drinkers. Palin should not get far (the Katie Couric reference is appropriate), but she can do a lot of damage and make a lot of money before she is obsolete.