Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rule Five Draft Picks of Today, and Long Ago: An Imogen Thomas and an Ancient, Fallen Star

By Nicholas Stix

(All references to the “Rule Five Draft” must contain shameless plugs for Stacy “Other” McCain. )

Who are These Women?


I am told that this first one is named Imogen Thomas, and that she is in Marbella, Spain, shooting pix for a new “calendar.” The calendar reference is self-explanatory, but does not answer my urgent questions: Who is Imogen Thomas, and are they real? (They get points for apparent softness, but lose points for lack of cleavage. How can a woman be that big, and wear a bikini top, without showing any cleavage?)



Walking onto a Brooklyn movie set, this one looks to be a star of about 70 years of age, but is, in fact, Sharon Stone, who claims to be in her early fifties.

Back in the days of the studio system, security would never have permitted a non-studio photographer to get anywhere near a set, much less get away with taking a shot like this one. The studio PR Department would have made sure to supply the press with soft focus, fuzzy, carefully retouched pix, shot with gauze on the camera lens.


Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

Gotta give you kudos for questioning whether or not it's authentic but at the same time jeeeeez that girl in the first photo sure gives me the good chills. :)

MJ said...

Why in the hell would a woman WANT these big chi-chis?
I dont get it.
I have got it, and I hate it.