Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Justice, Detroit-Style: Is Black Judge Vanessa Bradley a Racist? Do Cows Fart?


36th District Judge Vanessa Bradley.


Thanks to GCrowdy.

I understand that one may not cuss in open court, but if a black woman alleging that she had been brutally beaten and gang-raped were being run through the mill by the defense attorney for a white man accused of the crime, and blurted out “Get to the point, bitch!,” would the good judge have immediately sentenced the woman to three days in jail in a cell right next to the alleged rapist, rather than warning the alleged victim that any further profanity would result in her being jailed for contempt? Of course, not. She would have first warned her, and she would never have had her incarcerated where the alleged rapist could harass and threaten her. Heck, since when does one jail a woman for three days next to any man?

And don’t tell me the judge had nothing to do with what cell the woman was confined to. That jurist must be removed from the bench, post haste, and disbarred.

But will that happen? She will much more likely get awards from the NAACP and the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” not in spite of what she did to this white woman, but because of it.

Regarding the Fox News story’s title, I look forward to hearing of black rape accusers being referred to as “alleged rape victims.” So far, I do not recall them ever being referred to as anything but “victims,” plain and simple.

After Jail Time for Contempt, Alleged Rape Victim Returns to Testify
Updated: Monday, 18 Jul 2011, 6:42 AM EDT
Published : Friday, 15 Jul 2011, 10:37 PM EDT
Taryn Asher, Fox 2 News

myFOXdetroit.com - It's already extremely hard for rape victims to come to court and testify. This alleged rape victim says the only reason she came back was to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

This woman found the courage to come back to court and testify against one of the men who she says beat her with everything from a chair, to a two-by-four and raped her repeatedly before she found a way to escape from this Strasberg Street in Detroit.

That nightmare only continued at a Wednesday hearing , when she claims defense attorney Gabi Silver kept badgering her on the stand insinuating that she brought this attack on herself, causing this victim to snap in court.

"I said just get to the point bitch, it slipped out, it was inappropriate... all the bottled anger" says the alleged victim.

Without a warning, she says 36th District Judge Vanessa Bradley held her in contempt and ordered her to spend three days in jail.

After our story aired Wednesday, exposing what happened - the judge seemed to have a change of heart and released her a day early.

But to make matters even worse, she says her time in a holding cell was spent right next door to her alleged attacker who she says threatened her life, claiming the suspect who is still on the loose will come back and kill her. An investigation into this matter is underway.

In the end, the judge bound suspect Curtis King over for trial. The alleged victim says she's one step closer to justice, but she hopes no other rape victim will have to go through what she did to get it.


Chicago guy said...

Yet one more fat black female government employee. Does the government hire these people by the pound? They seem to just love having people at their mercy.
Give a black a bit of authority (always a mistake) and it goes to their head.

Anonymous said...

Where are the feminists?

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Dave in TN

"Where are the feminists?"

Crickets chriping...............

jeigheff said...

Yes, indeed: where ARE the feminists?

Anonymous said...

Where are the feminists? For that matter where is Sharpton, Jesse, the NAACP, white liberal apologists, black supremicists, reporters and other media representatives who all blew non issues such as Jenna 6, Duke Lacrosse and Tawana into media firestorms. It's surreal...