Thursday, August 04, 2011

Headline for Manuel Caldera Verdict: “Richmond [CA] serial rapist convicted, could be sentenced to 400 years to life in prison”


Manuel Caldera: Viva diversity!


By Nicholas Stix
Last updated at 3:35 a.m., on Thursday, August 4, 2011.

Serial rapist Manuel Caldera, 27, was so bored that he yawned several times. The reason for his somnolence? The jury foreman was reading all of the guilty verdicts the panel had reached against the predator, a list which was so long that, with “25 felony counts of kidnapping, robbery, rape, sodomy and other sex crimes, and more than 100 charge enhancements,” it took an hour and a half to read.

Caldera was found guilty of raping five females, from the daughter of a family friend to prostitutes, from 16 to 46 years of age, variously using a knife and a shotgun. In the case of the 16-year-old daughter of a family friend, he asked the girl’s parents for permission to take her to a party, before raping her at knifepoint in a motel. In the cases of three prostitutes, he first had consensual, paid sex, before pulling a weapon on them, and raping them without paying them, for good measure.

At least one of Caldera’s victims said that he’d threatened to kill her, and claimed to have killed before. Richmond is the kind of diversitopia—it’s the state murder capital—where, when a Hispanic rapist tells you that he is a murderer, you take him at his word.

Malaika Fraley’s Contra Costa Times report, whose headline I quoted above, described Caldera as a “Richmond serial rapist,” did not mention whether he is a citizen, legal immigrant, or illegal alien, and also failed to mention whether he is a gangbanger. These are valid questions based on his name, appearance, behavior, place of residence, and the profile of MSM alleged journalists.

MSM journalists routinely refer to a Hispanic illegal alien or other alien criminal as a “[location] man,” in order to cover up the fact that he is not an American, such that if one assumes that a Hispanic or Asian criminal is an alien, one will be right most of the time. That one will occasionally be wrong drawing such conclusions is no reason to drop the method, make apologies for using it, or to emphasize that “not all members of group X are criminals.”

First of all, all illegal aliens are criminals, but should the odd heinous criminal with a Hispanic name turn out to be a legal resident, naturalized citizen, or native-born citizen, it is the MSM, whose compulsive deceptions leads one to draw conclusions which are true 90 percent or more of the time.

Place: Richmond, California is California’s murder capital, because it is rife with Hispanic gang-bangers. Few Hispanic thugs in Richmond are independent of big gangs like the Surenos and Nortenos, and the smaller “sets” they control.

According to Sgt. Roger Wilson of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Intelligence Unit/Terrorism & Crime Analysis, eight Hispanic gangs currently operate in Richmond, split between the Surenos (Mexican Mafia) and the Nortenos. The “Sureno 13” (blue) “sets” are Richmond Sur Trece (RST), Varrio Frontera Locos (VFL), Central Side Locos (CSL), Mexican Locos (ML) and MS-13. The “Norteno 14” (red) sets in Richmond are La Nuestra Familia (NF), Varrio San Pablo (VSP), and Norteno.

Many people first heard about Richmond when 10 racist, Hispanic thugs celebrated a homecoming dance on October 24, 2009 by gang-raping a 15-year-old white girl, as 10 other Hispanics watched without doing anything to stop it, or even calling 911.

It took the jury four hours to convict Caldera, presumably because they had so many charges and enhancements to read and vote on. Caldera will come before Judge Thomas Maddock on September 9 for sentencing.

According to the Contra Costa Times, Caldera “could be sentenced to 400 years to life in prison.” While true, that possibility is hardly worth taking seriously. Even if he is sentenced to “life in prison,” that would only mean “life until parole,” and even if he is sentenced to “400 years in prison,” he will almost certainly be paroled. And given California’s budgetary quagmire, Manuel Caldera will likely be paroled sooner, rather than later. My hunch is that he ends up serving at most 10 years in prison, this time around.

So much for those sentencing enhancements. They are just so much symbolic window-dressing to please feminists.

In the years to come, California is going to release so many persistent felony offenders like Manuel Caldera from its state prisons, that it will make the Mariel boatlift look like a day trip.

Thanks to reader-researcher W for this one.


rjp said...

It's California. This will be overturned by one of the 9th District (liberal activist) Justices -- Guaran-f-n-teed.

Anonymous said...

This is a damn shame. Hispanic? Was there no African Americans and whites involved in the 15 yr old rape incident?
This guy is a natural born us citizen. Don't assume any thing other simply based on his Spanish surname.
Don't manipulate with your half or less then half truths...
Get the facts straight...
Your ignorance and prejudice point of view is so apparent.

Post a picture next to your article so all can see what stupidity looks like.

Malaika said...

Malaika Fraley here. He is a legal citizen and was not in a gang.

Nicholas said...


How do you know that?

Anonymous said...

I know him and his family. Manuel was the type of guy, at least to us and ou friends, who made you feel safe and protected. Im sad he did this, Im sad for his family, because just a few yrs ago his young brother died of cancer and their parents dont deserve the death of their child plus the weight of what Manuel did. He was born here, fyi.

Unknown said...

Daaang thats fucked up this fool said he was locked up for tempted murdet or some bullshit like that anyway this peice of shit is in Chino CIM west yard he gets out in a about 4 years. Im a drop out gang member changing my mentality and better myself i was housed at pc yard for that reason thats how i met that dude its sad to say but he is getting out soon and living a good life behind bars.