Sunday, June 19, 2011

Samuel Lee Conway Given Seven Life Sentences for Pearcy Massacre

By David in TN and Nicholas Stix
June 19, 2011, 6:39 a.m.

On Saturday, Samuel Conway was given seven life sentences in the Pearcy Massacre.

The linked story above called it “payback for what Conway's brother felt was a bad deal on car rims and tires.” Why did they “stay awhile”?

Conway's family said they will appeal the verdict.

N.S.: This is getting more and more pathetic. So, Jeremy Gentry didn’t steal anything from Conway, he simply didn’t give Conway a sufficiently luxurious price on the (surely stolen) stuff Conway was selling him. Well, if you’re willing to pay luxury prices, you don’t buy stolen goods, you buy them in a store.

This wasn’t a “botched robbery,” and it wasn’t “payback” for Gentry ripping off Conway and Co. This was a racially-motivated massacre, in which the “revenge” story was concocted as a tissue-thin rationalization. I guarantee the reader that Conway has an equally pathetic rationalization for murdering Mary Anderson in 2005, and for God knows how many other people he may have also murdered.

If Conway & Co. hadn’t liked the price a black buyer gave them, they would not be going back to butcher five people, after doing God only knows what to them.

The sentence is just as pathetic. Unless a fellow convict murders him, it is highly unlikely that Conway will die in prison. And the chances of a fellow prisoner killing him are virtually nil, for Samuel Lee Conway is now a black hero.

Meanwhile, the verdict and sentences offend the Conway family’s delicate sensibilities. Well, we can’t have that, can we? After all, all their dear “Sam” did was kill five devils, after one of them drove what Conway considered a hard bargain. If anything, according to the paranoid, black supremacist, jailhouse philosophy of law, which now rules everywhere from the streets of Hot Springs, Arkansas, to the White House, Conway was the victim.

After Garland County Prosecuting Attorney Steve Oliver bent over for Conway by not seeking the death penalty, Oliver deserves what he gets from these characters, but Garland County’s virtually 100 percent white tax base does not. The Conway Gang—for they are more a criminal association than a family—will not be paying for this appeal, but will expect the white taxpayers to foot the bill, and may also seek to get a white lawyer to give them free representation.

A lawyer friend tells me that he gets calls from black criminal class families all the time, demanding free representation, while telling racial fairy tales that fall apart in seconds.

The only positive that may come of this appeal circus is if we can use it to draw attention to this racist massacre. God knows, the MSM won’t.


Anonymous said...

In one of the stories I saw, the 2005 Mary Anderson murder was also a home invasion. Was that also "payback" or "revenge?" According to your February 23, 2011 Vdare story, Conway is charged in this one along with his brother Detric Conway and a woman named Dominic Hobson.

It seems to be a pretty large extended family.

Good luck finding out when a trial will take place for the murder of Mary Anderson.

Also, good luck in getting the prosecutor's office to explain why the death penalty was off the table

David In TN

Anonymous said...

why does everybody bring race into this they have no problem against white people sam is innocent and when he walks free we are all goin to laugh in everybodys face we are not a criminal family yall are the racist ones always want to blame the black man and always say the black man did this to a white man cause he dont like white people yall are just tryin to lock up another black man get a life and stop worrying bout what everybody else does!!!!

Nicholas said...

I hear you, David. I may need to enlist the Boss' help, yet again, for me on the telephone.

I reckon—I'm taking a break from re-watching Lonesome Dove, so I'm feelin' a little like an old Texas Ranger—that if I can get through to a prosecutor, that he might just tell me something that passes for a Just So story in their office. Whatever it is will be worthless, except as a formality to show that I crossed my "t"s and dotted my "i"s.

Nicholas said...

To my readers regarding my newfound, anonymous friend:

I can’t blame anyone who suspects me of having fabricated the second comment. I can’t say who it is, can’t say that it’s really a relative of the racist serial/mass murderer Samuel Lee Conway, can’t even guarantee that it isn’t some white man trying to make black folks look even worse that they already look these days. And I won’t assume that Conway won’t ever walk. When it comes to the criminal justice system, I always expect the worst.

And to Mr. Anonymous,

Yeah, I know. No black man is ever guilty of murdering a white. I suppose some white bad men dispatched those five people in Pearcy, either the same whites or a different group of white cut-throats—there are so many, who can count’ em?—that murdered Mary Anderson in Hot Springs, and the authorities just said, “Let’s go grab the first black men we come across, and pin all these killings on them!” And of course the police planted the evidence. And must have blackmailed Conway’s own relatives into testifying against him.

If you really are black, you don’t believe a word, or even a period of your comment. I’ve never come across a black that stupid. Only white lefties really (or even sort of) believe that kind of hoo-ha.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to suggest that you draft the Boss again to use the telephone. When you told Arkansas authorities that you were a journalist writing about the case, this alone seemed to raise a red flag and make them want to clam up.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

I would like to bring to light a very interesting fact. Ms. Dominic Hobson is the sister of Jeremy Pickney....hhhmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

What kind of a derelict, wimpout DA is this? Man murders FIVE people and he doesn't even seek the death penalty? the good white citizens should vote this pecker out of office!

Anonymous said...

Well I must comment on this because not all african americans in Hot Springs ar think these guys are right not only did they murder 5 white people but Mary Anderson was black and also samuel and detrics aunt. And there is another home invasion/murder that detric has been charged with and this victim was also black. This victims name was Jacquard Clark (jack) such a shame. my heart goes out to all the victims family. Horrible just Horrible.

Anonymous said...

First of all Samuel Lee Conway is innocent! The white man just wanted to blame a black man for this crime! If u want to talk about racial talk about that there is no evidence and never was, but u convict him on absolutely nothing? Now that sounds racial to me! Its ashame how the judicial system in hot springs ark. is continually getting away with their prejudice actions and wrong doings! Thats only obvious when you have all the crime scene investigators, the police, the snitches that work for the police, and also the forensic scientist that came down from Washington and get on the stand and tell the judge and the jury that there is no way Samuel Conway could have been there and you have nothing else placing him there no evidence, no dna, no nothing but u convict him? They are all wrong and they know it. It was an inside job they already had in their minds to come back with a guilty verdict. They were laughing while back there so called debating, very unprofessional. Had this trial would have been in a big city instead of a little hick prejudice town he would have never been convicted on that crime that they apparently dont want to know who done it in the first place! Long as they could get a black man as the scapegoat thats all that mattered to the white man, the jury, and the judge! So you people need to stop running off at the mouth as if you all know what really happened and obviously you dont especially when you convict an innocent black man with no evidence. You people need to get a life! And for the judge, jury, and the prosecutors may God bless you'll souls.

Anonymous said...

Well let's see, Sam Conway leaves to go "hit a lick" on the white boy Jeremy Gentry who lives in Pearcy, his car is shown on video going out there at the time of the killings, his car is seen coming back, he has in his possession TV's from the Gentry's, firearms from the Gentry's,Jeremy Gentry's driver's license, Edward gentry Sr's checkbook, and there is a flurry of text messages from accomplices that had stolen rims and guns from the Gentry's, yeah....not enough evidence to convict.

Anonymous said...

To David You are Just as stupid as You sound! You sound like the racist one to me!! Now use your brain a little and think about how many white people get away with shi*! Sex offenders, meth eds ext. I know a lot of black people in jail over parking tickets but they letting sex offenders go home! Do you see a black judge in hot springs? No! Im white and i know how they treat blacks differently from whites! If u Cant see it ur just dumb sit down And shut the fu** up!

Nicholas said...

Anonymous 3/13/2012, 10:47 a.m.,

You are one of the dumbest, most dishonest posters I’ve ever had, and you guys seem to have camped out on this post.

Now, there’s white stupid, and there’s black stupid, and your kind of stupid sounds black. So, either you’re really a stupid, lying, black man claiming to be white, or you’re a stupid, lying, white man who has adopted the style of a stupid, lying, black man. So, which is it?

Anonymous said...

no way thats me