Friday, August 19, 2022

Yet Another White American Political Prisoner: White Man Sentenced to Up to 20 Years in Prison for “White Supremacist Gang Membership”

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, August 19, 2022 at 2:55:00 A.M. EDT
Updated: Aug. 18, 2022 9:08 p.m.

CARO, Mich. (ap) — A michigan man described as a leader of the White Supremacist group The Base has been sentenced to 56 months to 20 years in prison, attorney general Dana Nessel said thursday.

washtenaw county judge Patrick Conlin sentenced Justen Watkins on monday after he pleaded guilty to one count of gang membership, Nessel said.

Watkins “used intimidation tactics at a family’s home and posted messages to other The Base members targeting the home,” Nessel's office said in a news release.

two other charges, using a computer to commit a crime and unlawfully posting a message online, were dismissed under a plea agreement.

GRA: Compare the two “crimes.” But Whites just sit on their hands.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Our current "Woke" police dept. in the progressive paradise of Portland OR stopped not only keeping gang records but erased all the records they currently had:
This was done purely to appease black racists and White wokesters. News articles don't even print "suspected gang involvement" anymore when blacks shoot up the town and murder people. However, if a White is suspected of involvement in any kind of White supremacist gang, the label "gang" is thrown right out there.
So yeah, the double standard is right out there in our faces, if you're White, you can still be tagged as a "gang member", but if you're black, not anymore.

Anonymous said...


GRA:If THAT was the case,you could lock up every black in the country for 20 years--they're ALL in gangs.

(detroitnews,com)Assistant Attorney General Sunita Doddamani said in 2020 Watkins ran a "hate camp" for members of The Base so they could prepare to overthrow the government. FBI agents seized 15 guns from the Bad Axe property where the camp was held and found extremist propaganda in the home.

(GRA:15 guns will overthrow a government?Loud laugh).

Watkins had written a manifesto calling for genocide and had "expressed a desire to die for the cause … and take as many people with him,” Doddamani said in 2020.

Read more on The Base:

Accused neo-Nazi leader had manifesto, wanted race war, prosecutors say
FBI arrests white supremacy leader in extremism crackdown in Michigan
Nessel: Base members cased former Michigan jail as possible training area
Gorman was sentenced to four years of probation and one year in jail, which he will not have to serve as long as he successfully completes his probation.

A third member of The Base, Tristan Webb, was sentenced last week to five years of probation for guilty pleas to being a member of a gang, conspiracy to train with firearms for civil disorder and a felony firearms enhancement. His two incarceration sentences — one year in jail and two years in prison — were deferred or delayed.

“I refuse to allow domestic terrorists to incite violence against our residents and communities,” Nessel said in a statement Thursday. “I am proud to work alongside law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels to safeguard the public from these serious threats and gratified to see justice served.”

The Base, a literal English translation of "Al-Qaeda," is a white supremacy group that advocates for violence and criminal acts against the country. The group says they are training for a race war to establish white ethnonationalist rule in parts of the country, including the Upper Peninsula.

GRA:The other two must have turned on him,to get no jailtime.


Anonymous said...

Hardly clear as to what he DID. Normally you have to commit a crime to be accused in the first place. So what was it he DID?

Anonymous said...

"In a gang."

So were his other co-defendants,but they're not serving time.The State of Michigan had a hard on for this guy.With Nessel,it was obviously figurative and not an actual hard on--more like a supersized dildo.

Anonymous said...

"Accused neo-Nazi leader had manifesto, wanted race war, prosecutors say"

A low-intensity race war has been going on in the USA for over fifty years. An intelligence analyst of a foreign nation doing an analysis of the USA could easily conclude so. An anti-white war fought without even whitey realizing it is occurring. A war characterized by attacks on the weakest element of white society USA. Woman, children and the elderly.