Friday, August 26, 2022

bronx cop goes jogging, only to be left by three raceless muggers with a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain

By N.S.

“‘Punish them’: Wife of off-duty NYPD cop mugged in the Bronx begs for justice”

The problem for Officer Muhammed Chowdhury, 48, and his wife, Nadira Sherin, is that for black supremacist Bronx da, Darcel Clark, and noi mayor Eric Adams, the three raceless “men” that beat Chowdhury almost to death are the good guys, and he’s the bad guy.


Bradley Morris said...

NYC, welcome to post Apartheid South Africa

Anonymous said...

It all goes together:muslims,blacks,spicanos,"enforcing" the law against each other--meaning "incidents" like this will occur--but mostly against White cops.

I'm assuming,the muggers(joggers) knew the jogger was a cop,by the way.