Sunday, August 28, 2022

undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury, blasts illegal immigration

Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder in a championship bout last october

By Jerry PDX
Sunday, August 28, 2022 at 1:07:00 A.M. EDT

undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury, blasts illegal immigration:

Some years back, Fury made some comments that were deemed “racist” and “homophobic,” but he apologized:

Fury also claims to have been a victim of “White” racism, due to the “traveler lifestyle” of his family growing up. He has dubbed himself the “gypsy king.” I dunno, but he doesn’t look anything like the gypsies I see. They originated from india somewhere, and look it. He looks as White as they come. Actually, “traveler” and “gypsy” have become interchangeable. If White people adopt a transient lifestyle similar to more indian “gypsies,” they become “travelers,” a type of White gypsy.

I have enjoyed watching Fury box; he has tremendous size, strength, speed and skill. He doesn’t have a body beautiful but I’ve never seen someone with such size and strength also demonstrate such a high skill level in the ring, except maybe George Foreman, but he’s even bigger than George was.

It seemed back in the 70’s and 80’s black fighters had a grip on the heavyweight ranks that they would never relinquish. Then White european fighters emerged that began to dominate the heavyweight division. The Klitschko brothers from the ukraine were the heavyweights to beat for years, then Tyson Fury, and now Olyksandr Usyk is ranked #2, and wants to fight Fury for the championship. Fury says he is retired and wants to be an actor, but people around him have said he still wants to fight.

I’m glad to see White men back in the heavyweight division. Even if they aren’t American, I feel more in common with them than I ever will with a negro. I do have to wonder if America will ever start producing White heavyweight boxers as good as the european ones. We’re drawing from a population pool at least comparable to europe, so why not? Maybe White men have been emasculated mentally to the point where they just don’t believe they can compete with the negro in the boxing ring. It’s taken european men to prove that is wrong, maybe it’s time for White American men to realize that also.


Anonymous said...

Irish Travelers are like gypsies but are not race related. Travelers are said to be perhaps what they call proto-Irish. Those persons inhabiting Ireland before the arrival of the Celtic people.

YES, the whitey heavyweight boxers have dominated the sport now for decades. Amazing to see those colored boxers get beaten up so bad by a whitey guy. Whitey guy usually an Ivan Drago type of immense size.

Anonymous said...

When Whites dominate an area,the press coverage goes strangely silent--or they attack the Whitey--basically,for being White.Of course,the way sports,like boxing,is presented has changed too--compared to Ali's--or even Tyson's heyday.

I viewed every Tyson fight,right up to Buster Douglas' huge 33-1 upset,on regular,free TV.

The black fighters--like Foreman,Frazier,Larry Holmes--were promoted heavily.

With Tyson Fury,there's zero coverage--and you have to list politics and race(either order),as the main two reasons for that lack of affinity for Fury,by the network brass.

It's another example of racism against Whites,in general,these days--but especially from the TV networks--who if they had their druthers,would probably flood the airwaves with 98% black shows,actors and hosts--and Whites relegated to roles like butler,cook and criminal.

It's a complete propaganda attack,designed to denigrate Whites in the eyes of the TV viewing audience(still mostly White.)

I see no one attempting to stop it--or even point it out.

Anonymous said...

WHO could be FOR illegal activity? Such as illegal immigration. It is almost absurd to even ask the question. NO ONE should be for illegal activity under any circumstances.