Wednesday, August 31, 2022

breaking news: body of Mollie Schmidt found at wyoming apartment complex

An undated courtesy photo of war crime victim Mollie Schmidt. (Kent County Sheriff’s Office)

[Previously, from the Mollie Schmidt file: “how to make a wrong decision (if you’re an attractive, fit, White woman): leave your kids, and take off with a mex thug/ex-con who brags on his face that he’s a killer.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 12:06:00 P.M. EDT

plainfield township, mich. (wood) — the body of a missing plainfield township woman has been found, according to her family.

Mollie Schmidt, 33, was found Tuesday morning at Chateau Village Apartments at 44th and Burlingame in Grand Rapids, according to her sister, Sara (O’Meara) Oaks.

Oaks released a statement to news 8.

“My family is both heartbroken and horrified at the recent turn of events. I would like to thank all of those involved in helping to locate Mollie and provide us all with a small sense of closure. I would like to personally thank law enforcement, friends and family for sharing photos-and bringing attention to her disappearance, missing persons advocates, the dance community, authors of news articles, local news and radio stations, and anyone else who played an active role in returning Mollie back to her family. I am eager to begin the process of holding the person capable of such cruelty, accountable. I will not rest until little Mollie gets her justice. Until we meet again sweet girl, love, your big sis.”

Schmidt had last been seen on Aug. 21 at her home near the intersection of east beltline and 5 mile road ne, according to deputies.

the kent county sheriff’s office said Schmidt had left behind her children at her home, which was uncharacteristic behavior.

wyoming police are now handling this case. police have not yet released any information about the death.

GRA: That's Garcia’s side of town. Finding her here raises a lot of questions about this not being a kidnapping—but we will see.


war crime suspect Yenly Garcia


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she was a victim of one of those "good-hearted people" whose "family values don't stop at the Rio Grande."

Anonymous said...

She probably told him she was going to "break-up" with him.

Insulted his macho manliness. Something you do not do to a Mex.