Friday, August 26, 2022

Update on Refugee Resettlement Watch and Frauds, Crooks, and Criminals’ Ann Corcoran

By N.S.

A couple of months ago, someone asked about Ann Corcoran, the premier writer on the refugee resettlement racket, and I saw that her two blogs, Refugee Resettlement Watch and Frauds, Crooks, and Criminals, lay dormant. At the time, I asked around among old immigration hands, and one told me she’d broken her wrist, besides which, due to our current borderless condition, there was momentarily nothing to chronicle, re “refugees.”

Hopefully, Ann has healed up since then and, hopefully, will soon be blogging again.

Thanks to CAIRCO’s Fred Elbel for the CRSP graphic.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone else see,something like 4 million have crossed the border since Brandon took office?FOUR MILLION of their finest.