Sunday, August 28, 2022

"nyc ramps up nursing home infection control, preps for next pandemic"

By N.S.

the new york city health department is developing a new program to bolster infection control practices in nursing homes.


Anonymous said...

There's no stopping an outbreak of ANYTHING in a nursing home.I'd love someone to be honest and tell us how many lives were saved by vaxxing those people(probably against their will)and if there was any difference in the amount of casualties--with or without the vaccine.

The problem is--we have no way of knowing.Because many people are asymptomatic without taking a vaxx,you cannot determine if a vaccine reduces a person's level of sickness.You'd have to know how sick he'd be in both scenarios(vaxxed and unvaxxed)-which is impossible.


Anonymous said...

If they hadn't sent sick persons with the virus into nursing home where there was vulnerable seniors and no cases of the virus you would not have the inflated death rate they had.

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan they all did that, send the sick into an are where they should not have done so. Resulted in a lot of unnecessary deaths I bet.

That dago Cuomo in New York the worst offender. He should be arrested for mass murder.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Police arrest 33 yr. old Mohamad Osman Adan who is suspected of killing a woman in SE Portland:

Mohamad Osman Adan?

They're not sending us their best and brightest.