Sunday, August 28, 2022

nyc struggling to house busloads of foreign criminals as hotel, intake center plan falls apart

By N.S.

"nyc struggling to house busloads of migrants as hotel, intake center plan falls apart"

"overwhelmed city officials are struggling to provide a promised intake center and hotel rooms to migrants being shipped by the busload from texas to the big apple."

"since may, roughly 6,000 migrants have sought shelter with the city, including many bussed from texas at the direction of the long [sic] star state’s gov. Greg Abbott."


Anonymous said...

You wonder if the nig Adams administration regrets being in power.

Doubt it--the pay is good--for about 3 more years.


Anonymous said...

Texas send as many as you can. Rapid fire. Sanctuary cities like illegals. Well, they can have a lot of them to like. If it is too much of a burden, just find famblees that can take them into their homes. Roll up your sleeves NYC and get to work.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
In spirit, I like the idea of sending them to sanctuary cities but wish, if they're going to gas up a bus and ship them somewhere, they'd just take them back to Mexico and dump them there.