Friday, August 26, 2022

another shootout at a fast-food restaurant, when a customer claimed to have been served the wrong order

[Re: “More White Supremacists?! wrong order at wendy's leads to shooting”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 10:43:00 P.M. EDT


“This isn’t Burger King—it’s McDonald’s—are you that stupid?”

“It’s a restaurant—ain’t it? The customer’s always right—ain’t he? So, I want a WHOPPER with CHEESE! So give it to me, or you gonna have choppers that CAN’T say ‘cheese.’”

(Voice-over announcer:) What would you do? Go across the street, get the negro his whopper, and bring it to him?

Or do you take a bullet—all in the name of the ghost of Ray Kroc?

Answer: You PRETEND to go get the burger, but keep walking—home.


Mug shots of Christian Ellis, 19, Shaquita Glaspie, 33, and Tyran McLeod, also 19. Note that, whereas Glaspie has an appropriately blank expression, Ellis looks up to the camera with black supremacist pride, and McLeod is trying but failing to suppress a grin.


Anonymous said...

YEP. A lot easier and cheaper and safer most of all just to comply with their request. The blacks know the hustle and how to get things they are not entitled too. Pray you never encounter the ire of the enraged negro. That order taker at the register too be sure you boss will NEVER back you up.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Speaking of cheeseburger orders, I recall stumbling into this video some years ago and this story kind of reminded me of it. No, it's not your more typical blacks fighting over a food order but some chubby White trash dude acting like an asshole:
It's pretty hilarious, I really have no words other than to say, if it had been blacks, chairs would have been thrown, guns drawn and blood spilled, as it was it was just funny.