Tuesday, August 30, 2022

houston homopox update: first death in the u.s. from a politically protected disease

By "W"
Tue, Aug 30, 2022 11:35 a.m.

houston homopox update: first death in US

Well, duh, you can imagine all the diseases the unnamed homosexual had before he was exposed to monkeypox. After physical exchanges with multiple "partners" who have had multiple, multiple partners, anyone deranged enough to exchange bodily fluids with another homo should expect to get this. But note the Harris County medical folks advising that the ":best way" to fight the spread of homopox is through vaccinations. No. The only real way is for them to stop. And homo-bi-trans activity should be publicly exposed and actively discouraged. Like AIDS, homomonkeypox is a politically protected disease:



Anonymous said...

Vaxxx is the only way. The kwqeers are not going to stop their unnatural behavior no matter what.

And their immune systems compromised from so much illness, HIV, AIDS, and many other STD.

Those biblical admonitions against unnatural sexual practices men and women both are not just fairy tales to scare you. There is sound reasons for prohibiting such behavior.

Anonymous said...

JFK's solution to monkeypox.

"Ask NOT--how you can prevent the transmission of monkeypox to your fellow fags,but how your fellow fags can prevent the spread of monkeypox to you."

Only one way-- treat your butt as the one way exit ramp it was intended to be.


Anonymous said...

"Exchanged bodily fluids". Kissed one another I guess? No, that is not right you say.