Sunday, August 28, 2022

"tunisian racism: 'I lost the will to leave my home'"

By R.C.
Sat, Aug 27, 2022 8:41 p.m.

"tunisian racism: 'I lost the will to leave my home'"

So, crackers run tunisia?


Quick, someone channel Yassir Arafat.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Speaking of racism in Africa: "The New Voortrekkers" - White South Africans move north to other parts of Africa and bring civilization to the savages (no, just kidding about that one, sort of) black africans complain:

These videos date back about 25 yr. but here is a more recent article on the subject:

Appears that black governments actually incentivize White farmer to settle in their countries, offering them favorable lease contracts on land and cash payouts. That's interesting, are they suggesting their own people don't produce as profitably as Whites? Native blacks complain that Whites are getting favorable treatment, cutting down their forests and worry more Whites will come.

I'm actually on the black africans side on this one. Whites from South Africa should stay in their own country and black africans have a right to decide who comes in and not have their taxes used to "resettle" White migrants. If they don't want government/corporate racial/social engineering then they have a right to reject it.

So why don't Whites in the West have the same right?

I propose a deal for them. All black countries in Africa send their White South African alien invaders to the US and we will return all black alien invaders to Africa, including the ones that were involuntarily brought from Africa hundreds of years ago. Let's see, we've got about 40 million for them and they have maybe 40K. Sounds fair to me.

Anonymous said...

"Mr Karim accuses the manger of using a term commonly used to demean black people as servants:"

The word is not mentioned but it is the Arabic ABD. Abd means black house servant. Even Osama bin Laden referred to the American negro as abd.

Anonymous said...

Calling a black a "nig" will get you three years in prison?I'll just let that linger on your screen a while to get the full effect.


Jeezus--how about life--or the death penalty?


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
So what happens if another negro calls another one the "n word"? Does it say in the law somewhere: "Well, then it doesn't count".
Tell you what, let's have the same law here (though we kind of do) except it has to apply the same to blacks as well as Whites. How funny would it be to watch blacks try to not use the word nigger every time they felt like it. You wouldn't find many Whites with the same problem.

Anonymous said...

"Even Osama bin Laden referred to the American negro as abd."

The Bin Laden famblee was from Yemen originally and Osama did have obvious negro features. But his use of the word abd showed a comtempt for the sub-Saharan African.