Thursday, August 25, 2022

"sweden is ours!" the chickens come home to roost in sweden

By A Colleague
Thu, Aug 25, 2022 10:08 a.m.

the chickens come home to roost in sweden

This is what the Swedish people (or at least their Woke leaders) get for their hubris as a self-styled, Woke "humanitarian superpower" and opening the floodgates in 2015 and even before that to massive inflows of "refugees", asylees, and immigrants from vastly different -- and often openly hostile -- cultures.

THIS kind of disintegration is what Wokedom ultimately leads to.  

Violent Crime Rocks Sweden Ahead of Elections


Anonymous said...

And once they are there no getting rid of them. They are there to stay. Forever going to be the bane of the Swede. And don't ever call those dark skinned persons Swedish ever.

YES, the chickens have come home to roost and I for one am not glad.

Anonymous said...

Sweden will be in a state of denial until they ARE in the Nile(figuratively).


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Don't forget the massively skewed gender ratio. Sweden now has more men that women, which is unnatural because women outnumber men in most countries due to longer lifespans. Exceptions are countries that practice female infanticide and gender based abortions. But Sweden does not have those practices (except when imported by migrants from female baby hating cultures), instead they have mass imported millions of young males from the 3rd world who now compete with native men for women:

I often try to use Sweden as an example of what will happen if the US opens it's borders to the 3rd world. I can cite stats and show articles proving what I say. Invariably I get looks of disbelief and denial that it could happen here. No reason or fact give, just a refusal to accept anything that contradicts the Woke ideology they've been programmed into by the mass media.