Tuesday, August 30, 2022

raceless, faceless thug “arrested with loaded semiautomatic in stolen car cut loose by nyc judge with no bail”

By N.S.

  “'You really think he’s going to come back to New York for his gun case?' the cop said.”


“A black semi-automatic pistol was found under the backseat floorboard, and [Jaquan] Gilliard later allegedly admitted the weapon was his, prosecutors said.”

[N.S.: See? They said “black”!]


“The Left demand more gun laws, but then fail to enforce the ones they have. What they really want is prosecutorial discretion to waive laws for their friends and enforce against their enemies.”

“Charles Darwin

“Jaquan, okay, we know why.”


Anonymous said...

black,commie law(combined).


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Inside Edition just ran a feature on the football players who perpetrated a diversity gang rape. They made "white enough" Matt Araiza the featured player in the story, the "not white enough for prime time" rapists were mentioned only in passing. No surprise there.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Google bans Trump social app Truth over content moderation concerns:
I predicted this. It's all very fine to start your own social media app, or even buy one like Musk almost did, you're still under the thumb of the monolithic and all powerful Google search engine.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Followup on the Moslem killer Mohamed Osden Adan who murdered a woman in Portland. https://www.987thebull.com/woman-strangled-in-portlands-60th-homicide-identified/
Still no photo I can find of Adan but the victim is 36 year old Rachael Abraham who was an intimate partner of Adan. A photo of the victim has been released that shows her in near full Islamic regalia and she appears to be a negro of possibly Somali descent. Guess she made a bad choice in "intimate partner". It's the 60th homicide in Portland this year, which puts the city on a pace that could eclipse last years record 90 homicides. It is reported she had multiple children though it doesn't say if Adan was the father. So now the taxpayer is on the hook raising the little sprogs left behind?

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Greg Gutfeld is crowned king of late night as he wins the ratings war against the woke late night boys club:
I've watched bits and pieces of Gutfeld and always enjoyed what I've seen. He's what Colbert desperately wants to be but is too unfunny, ideologically straight jacketed and talentless. Check out this video where he takes on everything from Trump derangement syndrome, Hunter laptop, black on black shootings, Twitter censorship, George Soros, Mar a Lago raid, Mark Zuckerberg and how "real news is defined as hateful speech". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd5qoIaH9f4

"Gutfeld! became the first non-broadcast network late-night show to defeat ABC, CBS and NBC for an entire month, as it was the most-watched program of its kind during the month of August". https://www.mediaite.com/news/fox-news-gutfeld-makes-history-as-first-cable-show-to-win-late-night-for-an-entire-month/

Will this mean one of the regular broadcast networks will offer him a slot? I doubt it but who knows, I think his show would explode in popularity if they did.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the networks will notice and CNN--dumping some of their leftist personnel--MIGHT be a harbinger of things to come?

Unfortunately,I may be hard of hearing,by the time it takes the networks to decide to be more conservative in its programming.

You know,I really want to like Greg Gutfeld,but I compare him to being a Gilbert Gottfried wannabe--without a quarter of the talent--but at least,he goes after Democrats.

I used to watch him on Saturday nights occasionally,but I haven't seen him lately--except on Youtube twice,a few months ago--and I just can't bring myself to look him up again.

Better things to see--in the scheme of entertainment--imho.

--G R A