Wednesday, August 24, 2022

ex-black who beat up Rick Moranis in a caught-on-video hate crime attack gets sentenced

By N.S.

ex-con who attacked actor Rick Moranis sentenced to two years in prison

  A homeless ex-con who randomly punched ghostbusters actor Rick Moranis in a caught-on-video attack in manhattan was sentenced to two years in prison on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I recommend a great YouTube video of Rick Moranis as Woody Allen and Dave Thomas as Bob Hope,in their second city spoof,"Play it Again,Bob".

The impersonations are magnificent.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
He was, of course, a serial sucker puncher:
One wonders how many attacks they get away with because people don't report them. Especially White guilt ridden liberals, they are more terrified of being perceived as racist than being attacked by racist blacks. And they also seem to be the preferred targets. I mean, if you were a sucker puncher, who would you be more likely to punch? A White wimpy looking beta soy boy or a bigger square shoulder alpha type?

Anonymous said...

Just look at how they have to secure the animal. I hope his fellow inmates keep their distance. And of course he is crazy. All spades are crazy.

Anonymous said...


When I was a lot younger,I'd walk down the wrong street in NYC and become a Jewish pinata,at the mercy of a crazed black street gang--so much so--I had to give up taking walks without my bodyguard,Slomo.NOW it's so bad,someone who just LOOKS like me,gets a beating.

I have to apologize to Rick Moranis--it's all my fault,though his parents DNA probably had something to do with it too--and his impersonation of me--possibly registered in this black thug's craw.

No,that's too ridiculous to even contemplate--blacks don't watch "SCTV"--they watch "Cops"--to find out why they haven't seen Uncle Leroy at Christmas the last five years.

If you want to know,my new play,"Play it Again,Sambo",lasted 7 days--off Broadway..Obviously my depiction of Samuel Little as a muse to give my movie character advice on dating,was deemed "inappropriate", but it was worth a shot.

The only person I know who paid for a ticket to watch it,was Tony Roberts--and he thought he was going to a massage parlor.

Oh well,back to the drawing board.

--Woody Allen