Friday, August 26, 2022

A Message to Marsha

By N.S.

Marsha Blackburn is beautiful. Thus, I cannot but be her slave. (Don’t let The Boss know!) However, from time to time I recall that she’s a republican—the senior senator from the volunteer state of tennessee—and thus a politician.


Anonymous said...

It depends what the elections leave us with in the Senate(and House)--just have to suffer until then--and probably after.


Anonymous said...

Very disappointed with Senators. Ron Johnson and Rand Paul, good on covid, but what took you so long? Election integrity? Everybody gets an F? Immigration, ha!

Who's going to be Leader in January? I bet Marsha and almost of the rest of them will reflexively give Mitch a free pass again. Dreadful. I love you Marsha but the Senate needs an MTG and I hoped it would be you.