Wednesday, August 24, 2022

racist, anti-Semitic attacker of Rick Moranis is a serial sucker-punch bi--h

By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at 12:04:00 P.M. EDT

He was, of course, a serial sucker puncher:

One wonders how many attacks they get away with because people don’t report them. Especially White, guilt-ridden liberals, they are more terrified of being perceived as racist than being attacked by racist blacks. And they also seem to be the preferred targets. I mean, if you were a sucker puncher, who would you be more likely to punch? A White wimpy looking beta soy boy or a bigger square shouldered, alpha type?

N.S.: As I began learning in 1987, many cops and prosecutors support such black scum, and there are not only “respectable” blacks and White allies who will physically protect or attack White hate crime victims, but who will also commit the crime of swearing out false police reports, saying the White vic had actually attacked the black perp.

perp Marquis Ventura in court, in a photo that google refused to carry; he must have attacked thousnads of Whites


Anonymous said...

Too bad,none of the White guys we see getting hit,are packing. WE'VE evolved past that,but blacks are forcing us to de-evolve--but only if you're going to be "mingling" with them for any length of time(one second and up.)


Anonymous said...

Mittens, leg and arm irons too probably needed. One of those electric-shock vests too.