Sunday, August 14, 2022

The “Brunswick Three,” and the meaning of “civil rights”

By N.S.


Anonymous said...

How many whitey out there understand double jeopardy done away with for you. And some time ago too.

The whole purpose of having double jeopardy was to eliminate the ruler from trying you for an alleged crime over and over until he got the verdict he desired.

Just like is being done now.

Anonymous said...

"The really astonishing thing here—and to me, and surely to anyone else with a sense of fairness, the most depressing thing— is the near-total lack of support the Brunswick Three have received in the media."


GRA:Wrong--the most "depressing thing" is--not one group of White citizens has taken it upon themselves to organize a protest to support the McMichaels--and not just one time either.Day after day--until the point gets across.

It's the only way to change the manner in which Whites are being treated,in court,in cases like Chauvin,McMichael and coming soon--
Christopher Schurr,in Grand Rapids.

If Whites sit back and accept the unfairly amplified prison sentences being meted out,there is zero doubt,you can expect them to continue. Stand up to the black thug loving crowd--and there's a chance you get the judges and law enforcement entities to understand:

Enough is enough.