Sunday, September 26, 2021

Now, Raceless Shooters are Killing People in New York City’s “Safest” Neighborhoods; Two Dead, One Wounded 30 Minutes Apart

By N.S.

For generations, Queens’ Astoria (Greek and Italian, now also with many East Asians) and Ozone Park (South Asian) have been among New York City’s lowest-crime neighborhoods.

These two killings and the attempted murder of the friend of one of the murder vics occurred only 30 minutes apart.

I do recall hearing from Indians in South Ozone Park about ten years ago that some black thugs were commuting there, to rob them.

2 Killed and 1 Injured in Overnight NYC Shootings


Anonymous said...

Jungle sprawl.


eahilf said...

The plague of passive tense/subject-less headlines continues -- will a cure ever be found? -- maybe a telethon to raise funds for more research would help.