Saturday, September 25, 2021

"Critical Race Theory is the Dialectic of Suicide"

By An Old Friend
Fri, Sep 24, 2021 5:11 p.m.

AOL: From the always-impressive Pedro Gonzalez: "Critical Race Theory is the dialectic of suicide."

It's from August, and maybe he should have said "white suicide."  (He's not white.)

But before that, a brief tidbit from a current piece by Victor Davis Hanson:

I recalled my high-school English teacher Mrs. Hearne of more than 50 years past, who warned us at age 16 when we read 1984: "You'll know 1984 not when the year comes up, but when they start changing names and dates."

Would that we had K-12 faculties today as savvy and level-headed as her!

I've bolded a couple of highlight paragraphs in the Gonzalez article below.


Anonymous said...

Pedro,Fu*king,Gonzales--we're supposed to listen to Pedro,Fu*king,Gonzales about anything?Pedro,Fu*king,Gonzales shouldn't be writing in the first place.Reading Pedro,Fu*king,Gonzales--that's like voting for a black.The opinion of the minority groups are being allowed to overwhelm the opinions of Whites--who,in numbers,still have the majority of the population.

I refuse to listen to blacks like Larry Elder or Candace Owens or politicians like John James and current RepubliCOON candidate,James Craig.Add Pedro Fuc*ing Gonzales to the list of people that should be excluded from making policy--not included.

More specifically,what's needed,are Whites who want to make policy that benefits Whites.Otherwise,we just merrily go along the current path to White replacement.

eahilf said...

>the Dialectic of Suicide

I suppose if Whites are pushing it (some do), yes -- if non-whites, it's more like murder.

Only one race is critiqued in CRT, and the verdict is rather unfavorable.

Anonymous said...


(Sports Wars/Youtube)

According to Sports Wars,the ratings for Sunday's match up between the L.A.Rams and Chicago Bears fell FIVE MILLION viewers from last season's opener,which collected 18 million.

Sports Wars noted,"there are blm messages still visible in the end zone and various references to the topic made during the broadcast."(I don't know--I didn't watch).

"The NFL and NBC attempted to declare victory,claiming they won the time slot,but failed to note the loss in viewership."

The numbers are falling at the same rate as the Academy Awards have been plummeting for years--now down in the 5 million range.How long before the NFL execs are forced to re-evaluate the politicization of sports--which is supposed to be entertainment.

For me,it doesn't matter--I'm done watching--no matter what they do,unless they start reducing blacks on their rosters to 20%.