Friday, September 24, 2021

New bet Movie Karen is 2021’s Most Rabidly Racist Film, as It Tries to Make Hating White Women Culturally Cool

By R.C.
Thu, Sep 23, 2021 5:09 p.m.

New bet Movie Karen is 2021’s Most Rabidly Racist Film, as It Tries to Make Hating White Women Culturally Cool — RT Op-ed


eahilf said...

I don't like nor use the word racist (or racism); I never did really -- it's so damn trite I would feel ridiculous using it -- as someone said (I think it was Joe Sobran): 'An anti-Semite used to be someone who didn't like Jews -- now it's anyone the Jews don't like' -- today it's similar with racist -- obviously, most of what is labelled racist today is really either statistical pattern recognition or rational discrimination -- racist/racism is enemy terminology, like hate crime.

The film is anti-white.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The linked review is hilarious, and the writer of it didn't include any virtue signaling BS. I haven't seen it and don't plan on watching it but was curious if there were any positive reviews out there so did a little search. Surprisingly, I couldn't find any "good" reviews, even black reviewers admitted it was a crappy movie but almost invariably they included things like: Yeah, the movie stunk but it speaks to the black experience in racist America...yada, yada...
White reviewers for the most part did something similar like: Bad movie, but I'm White so can't really criticize something blacks experience every day...blah blah…

We get the underlying message here, they don't care if it isn't any good, racist blacks and their White lackeys love anything that makes Whitey look bad. No matter how dreadful the product is.

Anonymous said...

Hating white people in general is now culturally acceptable. Amazing the amount of hate directed at whitey folks.

Anonymous said...

Who are the people that are supposed to be convinced to hate White women--black men?White women are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for women already hate White women--plus they hate the black males who dumped them for White women.

It's already established that black men will have sex with any warm orifice--whether it's with or without permission.They may insult Karens,but they'll try to trick her into sex--or rape her.

As for racist programming,any show with a black on it is racist against Whites,because it allows Hollywood to spew out garbage against us--and there's plenty of it around.

A new show called,"The(black)Wonder Years",a remake of the same titled show from the 90s(with Fred Savage),started Friday night on CBS.The storyline is about a black kid in an integrated school in 1968.First episode goes right into MLK and trying to get along with Whites.

I'm sure it has an anti-White bias or it wouldn't be on the air.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing is that the fat-assed, large-and-in-charge black woman is the bitchiest piece of trouble you will encounter. You'll find them in any government bureaucracy bullying the citizens. You'll find them in businesses trying to squeeze something out of the business owner who fears racial trouble. They always have a grievance and are ready to take it out on the nearest White person. I remember one black bitch honking her horn and turning the air blue with her non-stop cursing at the top of her lungs. Her problem? There was a train crossing the road and she was outraged that she had to stop to let it by. Yeah, I've encountered bitchy White women (even some bitchy White men), but portraying White women as the worse Karens is deception.