Wednesday, September 29, 2021

9 Signs a News Outlet Might be Biased

9 Signs a News Outlet Might be Biased
9 Signs a News Outlet Might be Biased

We here at the Babylon Bee are passionate about helping our readers discern truth from fiction. You may not know this, but a lot of news outlets are really biased these days! How can you tell whether the news is giving you the whole story? Well, buckle up, because here are 9 very subtle clues to look for that could indicate a news outlet might be biased:  
Here they are:
  1. They employ journalists: We're not sure who thought it was ever a good idea to hire journalists to give the news. Journalists are just the worst.
  2. They do not begin each news segment with an opening prayer: This is a sure sign that they hate your faith and all your traditions. Don't watch!! 
  3. The news anchor has a "BIDEN HARRIS" tattoo on his face: This could be an indicator that he is biased towards the Democrats. Sad! 
  4. Donald TRUMP's name is not in all capital letters: And if they don't refer to him as "Dear Leader", they probably hate America.
  5. They don't precede every mention of the 2020 election with the word "stolen": Literally everyone knows the election was stolen from Dear Leader TRUMP! If they disagree, they're probably biased libs.
  6. Their "panel of experts" is four stuffed animals and Stacy Abrams: Well, to be honest, that bear in the middle seems to know what he's talking about. 
  7. A laser dot appears on their forehead every time they mention Hillary Clinton: This could indicate they are being subtly pressured to spin the news in her favor.
  8. You have never once heard them say "Orange Man Good": Yeah, you've heard them say "Orange Man Bad", but have you ever heard them say "Orange Man Good"?: You need balance! 
  9. Any stories about Hunter Biden appear in 1pt Papyrus font: They're hoping you can't see them. Don't be fooled! 
NOT SATIRE: Trust in media is at an all-time low (shocking… we know) but let's keep "walking around completely uninformed" as a backup plan.
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Anonymous said...


1.Over a quarter of the onscreen personnel are minority.

2.They over-emphasize White crime(when it occurs)and barely report black crime(which occurs non-stop).

3.Show blacks as being persecuted.

4.Show blacks as upstanding citizens.

5.Make editorial comments as news."In a debunked theory..."

6.Quote the Washington Post,NY Times,CNN,NBC,CBS or AP.

7.They call January 6th "a riot" or "the darkest day in our history."

8.Call police "racist".

9.Push the "White Privilege" bull.

If the station or network coverage contains any of the above,you can be sure they have an agenda and are not reporting "the news" honestly.


Anonymous said...


GRA:As good as James Holzhauer--with a more humble personality--Matt Amodio has gone on an epic run that,if he wins tomorrow,will tie Holtzauer for second most wins in history.After that,about 45 more to reach Ken Jennings.

Watch him if you can--a great White hero to applaud and root for.

His style is not quick,in fact,it appears he's trying to take all 5 seconds allowed to think of the question.But 99.9% of the time,he does it.

It's just what "Jeopardy" needed.It will take two very intelligent people to beat him.