Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Child Slavery in Africa: But Why are the msm Reporting on It Just Now?

By Jerry PDX
Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 11:03:00 P.M. EDT

This story just appeared on the 5:00 cbs news:


Slavery still being practiced in Africa? And children no less! Where’s the outrage from blm, naacp, Maxine Waters or Kamala Harris? Where are the demands to “do” something?

These stories do not appear out of nowhere. No mainstream prime time/front page new stories appear unless there is a reason, and the reason is to serve the interests of the multinationals, the billionaires, and the rest of the globalists. There is an agenda and it’s clearly the diversity agenda, we must be made to feel guilty about the suffering they are enduring. But it’s suspicious because the story focuses exclusively on African “boys” being enslaved as fishermen and the “horrors” they endure, as if they are the only ones that might be suffering in Africa.

So why this story right now and the focus on boys? Wouldn’t it be better to do a story on what their sisters might be enduring? They live in a culture that still practices child-bride marriage and female genital mutilation, but it’s the boys that are suffering so badly we need to make them the object of our sympathy.

I suspect they are setting us up for a mass influx of young black men from Africa, just like the so called “Lost Boys” some years back, when a massive number of negro boys/young men were shipped to the U.S. The diversity zealots responsible for that ignored that the girls had been taken to serve as sex slaves in a polygamous culture that still practiced child-bride marriage.

There’s probably a fair number of “unaccompanied” negro boys/young men on the border right now, and I suspect they want to soften up public opinion to get them moved into the U.S.

Maybe I’m paranoid, but I’m not buying that this story was run out of the goodness of somebody’s heart. There’s a reason and it’s for an evil purpose.

N.S.: Jerry, you’re not paranoid.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the slavery thing but I'm pretty sure that African boys have been helping their fathers fish for thousands of years, now suddenly them being out on the water doing that kind of work is incredibly dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Slavery never ended in Africa--or Asia, or the Middle East. It even exists in America underground in China Towns. Every so often we read about a case of slavery in America and it is always done by immigrants against their own people. No, White people are not the root of evil in this world. White people are the only ones who fought to end slavery. In most of the world it continues on as it always has. It is admirable to end slavery. It is not admirable to bring the products of slavery here to enslave us with socialism, crime, and corruption.

eahilf said...

Now do sex slavery in Israel.

Anonymous said...

That leader of Ghana invited the American negroes to leave the USA and return to Africa. Some negro left USA maybe to work maybe to work at jobs the locals just will not do.