Saturday, September 25, 2021

Drugmakers Expected to Reap Billions from COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Market

By R.C.
Sat, Sep 25, 2021 1:33 p.m.

Drugmakers Expected to Reap Billions from COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Market
Chief Medical Advisor to the White House Dr. Anthony Fauci said the United States is on track to administer Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine booster doses every eight months. On Sunday, Aug. 29, Fauci appeared on the program of mainstream media outlet NBC News, "Meet the Press." He

Google Ventures, the venture-capital arm of Google, is in a position to profit from the Oxford-AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine. The developers of the vaccine, Adrian Hill and Sarah Gilbert, set up a company called Vaccitech to attract outside investors for their new vaccine projects. Google co-found

Of course Billy Boy is allied with Fauci.
Of course.
Bill Gates has remained at the center of several COVID-19 scandals, as the billionaire likely stands to profit from the mass vaccination campaign soon to be underway in much of the civilized world.
The software business model is just like the vaccine business model.
Gates's vision was a PC on every desktop in the world and with all the PCs running Windows.
And every so often there would be a new and improved version of the operating system.
His vision with COVID is a mandatory vaccination for every human on the planet.
And with annual "updates" as viruses are constantly morphing into new strains.
It's the annuity model of software licenses. Ditto vaccines.
Why can't others figure this out?


Anonymous said...

Here is one of the best articles on the scam we are experiencing:
The vaccine is killing more people than Covid and the boosters will kill more. Herd immunity will never be obtained and virtually everything the government/media/medical establishment makes things worse. People need to wake up and these scamsters need to go to prison--or worse. Never have so few been responsible for killing so many thousands of Americans. And where are the political leaders who are fighting for us--Senator Ron Johnson is the only one I know of fighting for ivermectin. Ivermectin can end this like it did in part of India. In contrast the "leaky" vaccine just produces more variants--some could become extremely deadly.

Anonymous said...

Vaxxx today. Vaxxx tomorrow. Vaxxx forever. Vaxxx after Vaxxx. Pills too everyday hopefully. We are so grateful.

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Here is a great summary about Covid,vaccines and masks.I recommend it highly.I'll post a few facts as a tease.


Anonymous said...

* * *

1. The survival rate of “Covid” is over 99%. Government medical experts went out of their way to underline, from the beginning of the pandemic, that the vast majority of the population are not in any danger from Covid.

Almost all studies on the infection-fatality ratio (IFR) of Covid have returned results between 0.04% and 0.5%. Meaning Covid’s survival rate is at least 99.5%.


2. There has been NO unusual excess mortality. The press has called 2020 the UK’s “deadliest year since world war two”, but this is misleading because it ignores the massive increase in the population since that time. A more reasonable statistical measure of mortality is Age-Standardised Mortality Rate (ASMR):

By this measure, 2020 isn’t even the worst year for mortality since 2000, In fact since 1943 only 9 years have been better than 2020.


3. “Covid death” counts are artificially inflated. Countries around the globe have been defining a “Covid death” as a “death by any cause within 28/30/60 days of a positive test”.

Healthcare officials from Italy, Germany, the UK, US, Northern Ireland and others have all admitted to this practice:

Removing any distinction between dying of Covid, and dying of something else after testing positive for Covid will naturally lead to over-counting of “Covid deaths”. British pathologist Dr John Lee was warning of this “substantial over-estimate” as early as last spring. Other mainstream sources have reported it, too.

Considering the huge percentage of “asymptomatic” Covid infections [14], the well-known prevalence of serious comorbidities [fact 4] and the potential for false-positive tests [fact 18], this renders the Covid death numbers an extremely unreliable statistic.


4. The vast majority of covid deaths have serious comorbidities. In March 2020, the Italian government published statistics showing 99.2% of their “Covid deaths” had at least one serious comorbidity.

These included cancer, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, kidney failure and diabetes (among others). Over 50% of them had three or more serious pre-existing conditions.

This pattern has held up in all other countries over the course of the “pandemic”. An October 2020 FOIA request to the UK’s ONS revealed less than 10% of the official “Covid death” count at that time had Covid as the sole cause of death.


5. Average age of “Covid death” is greater than the average life expectancy. The average age of a “Covid death” in the UK is 82.5 years. In Italy it’s 86. Germany, 83. Switzerland, 86. Canada, 86. The US, 78, Australia, 82.

In almost all cases the median age of a “Covid death” is higher than the national life expectancy.

As such, for most of the world, the “pandemic” has had little-to-no impact on life expectancy. Contrast this with the Spanish flu, which saw a 28% drop in life expectancy in the US in just over a year. [source]

GRA:25 more excellent facts.