Friday, September 24, 2021

Haitian Asylum Seekers being Offered pro bono Legal Help

By A Texas Reader
Thu, Sep 23, 2021 11:31 p.m.

Haitian Asylum Seekers being Offered pro bono Legal Help


eahilf said...

Every day you see why it was such a disastrous failure of Trump not to force Mexico to sign a 'safe third country' agreement (there's a total conservatard media blackout about that) -- there is no reason someone seeking refuge/asylum (which is generally supposed to be temporary) cannot find it in Mexico, which is at worst a 2nd world country, but actually has many areas where the quality of life is comparable to wealthier/more prosperous nations -- Mexico would never tolerate an invasion of gringos, so they'd also deal with bogus Haitian (and other) asylum seekers pretty quickly too, which would serve as a deterrent.

Denmark has begun revoking the residence permits of Syrians and sending them back to Syria now that the war there is largely over.

Anonymous said...

Thought of a better term for a black Republican...

GRA:First,a little more info on Whitmer's decision about masks and vaxx passports.

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The insanity continues to spread.

Anonymous said...

NO ONE ever offered me pro bono legal help. I am pretty sure a Haitian not even sure what legal help is.