Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Anti-White media syndrome: msnbc black supremacist Joy Reid Rages that the media Cared about a Missing, Murdered White Girl, so of Course, the media Submit to Her Hate

By Nicholas Stix

Reid is angry that the national media have reported on the disappearance and murder of Gabby Petito, but that’s a media hoax. And that the media would follow the lead of racist scum like Reid tells you everything you need to know about them.

“‘Missing white woman syndrome’: Gabby Petito story puts spotlight on uneven coverage” reads the aol-yahoo fake news headline of a fake story by Dylan Stableford.

aol took the precaution of stopping anyone from commenting, in order to prevent anyone from committing acts of journalism.

There is no such thing as “missing White woman syndrome.” As my friend and partner in crime David in TN has repeatedly observed, the media report on missing White women, because they usually turn up dead, at the hands of a White man. The last thing that fake news readers like Joy Reid want to report on are missing black, hispanic, or indian women, because they would then have to report on black, hispanic, and indian kidnapper-rapist-murderers. The very people who invented “missing White woman syndrome” have campaigned for generations to stop media organizations from reporting on non-White crime, which comprises the vast majority of crime, especially murders, in this country.

affirmative action fake journalist Shayla Davis is a lying drama queen. I can guarantee you that she was not shaking. And why would she say “please take 5 seconds to read about Daniel Robinson”? She means more like five hours. There’s nothing you could read about a missing persons case in five seconds.

A black supremacist fake news reader like Joy Reid owes everything she has to White feminists’ support. And this is how she pays them back. If only White feminists cared about White women.

Treating racist black demagogues like Shayla Davis, Joy Reid or, for that matter, Al Sharpton like leigitimate news sources is the mark of a fake news reporter, in this case, aol-yahoo’s Dylan Stableford.


Anonymous said...

Agree--and any network that allows her to speak without counterargument from a White person is an organization that doesn't believe in a fair broadcast(which we already knew).Further,NBC,we can only assume,HATES Whites and wants them silenced--unless they are pro-black and pro-White genocide.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yeah, Joy Reid is correct in a way. Missing "women of color" don't get media coverage in proportion to the rate they are missing. But she is too stupid and/or racist to understand that if they were to shine a light on "missing black women", they would also shine a light on the ones responsible for their disappearance: Black men.
Joy, along with her racist allies would then scream that black men are being unfairly stereotyped and the media is racist for putting them in the headlines.

eahilf said...

Someone should tell dumbass Joyless Reid it's about page views and advertising -- if a story about a missing black male geologist (? -- one for the record books) would get the same number of page views as the Gabby Petito story, they'd run with it -- believe me.

David In TN said...


Yes, I've been saying that for years. The corollary is they don't cover many murders with a black victim because they would have to show the suspect, almost always black.

I've also written that the MSM Big Networks (ABC 20/20, CBS 48 Hours, NBC Dateline) avoid covering Dead Pretty White Girls when the killer looks like Lemaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd.

I repeat; The media covers Missing Murdered White girls when the killer looks like Scott Peterson and Joran Van der Sloot.

Anonymous said...

"I'm shaking reading about the discovery of Gabby Petito's body in Wyoming. While we're watching this case unfold, please take 5 seconds to read about Daniel Robinson, a geologist who went missing in the desert outside Buckeye three months ago. His father is still looking for him."

GRA:Gabby Petito's killer?


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should read about this Daniel Robinson. That hardly means we should not ready about this Gabby.

Anonymous said...

Looked up this Daniel Robinson. The authorities made a MASSIVE effort to find him. They did find a human skull but no further human remains. It is a mystery but it is not like they have not tried to find the man.

eahilf said...

The media covers Missing Murdered White girls when the killer looks like Scott Peterson and Joran Van der Sloot.

Yes, it's also true that the media will bury stories that don't fit the narrative -- plenty of cases/names here you will have never heard of:

Kenn Gividen Archive -- Another Month In the Death of White America