Tuesday, September 28, 2021

62% of "Liberal" or Very "Liberal" Whites Have a Mental Health Condition

By R.C.
Tue, Sep 28, 2021 7:13 p.m.

62% of "Liberal" or Very "Liberal" Whites Have a Mental Health Condition



Anonymous said...

Many years ago Michael Savage said that liberalism was a mental disease. And many years before that I said it--their ideas are so irrational--even suicidal--that no one of sound mind could hold them.

Anonymous said...

New mental illnesses that liberal Whites have been diagnosed with--in the last five years:

Americana-odium--hatred of the United States.

Shitzophrenia:the mind of an individual or group has basically turned to crap,due to media propaganda and poor high school/college education.

black delusionalism(also known as Holt's Syndrome):You think blacks are trustworthy,law abiding and great for our country.

Floydophobia:Fear of saying publicly,that George Floyd killed himself with drugs.

Hochulosis:Named for the new governor of New York,where the mind unexpectedly snaps or a previously unknown mental condition manifests itself--usually caused by being in over one's head--pertaining to work(see also Peter Principal).

Bidenitis:New term for dementia,Alzheimers.Symptoms including:delusions about tripping on imaginary dogs,unable to walk up stairs and believing 150 million people voted for you as President.Other more common symptoms include:blank look,drooling,incontinence,unable to complete sentences.

In most of these cases,a lobotomy is the only answer.


Anonymous said...

Heavy use of Don Trump pharma will help them in an immense way.