Thursday, September 30, 2021

Feminists Attempt #MeToo Takeover of Bezos' Blue Origin

By R.C.
Thu, Sep 30, 2021 3:08 p.m.

#MakeAmericaWhiteAgain: "The workforce dedicated to establishing this future 'for all' is mostly male and overwhelmingly white," the group said. "One-hundred percent of the senior technical and program leaders are men."

N.S.: If you read the engadget blog about the "thing," you'll see that "K. Holt" uncritically repeats all the phony charges, which in almost all cases have no examples. And when they provide examples, the examples fail to make their case.

For instance, the "thing" complained that department managers were given names of trouble-makers, in order to deal with them face to face. That's not a legitimate criticism, that's a strength. No billion-dollar business can afford to let troublemakers run amok, if its owner wants it to succeed.

Another "criticism" was that the bosses at the tech and program level were all White men. Again, that's a strength. The Me-Tooers are demanding affirmative action jobs at the top for them and their "bipoc" allies, so they can take over the firm.

The only potentially legitimate complaint was that one manager once groped one female. However, we don't even know if that's true. Maybe, the next Me-Too memo will come up with lurid tales of White men raping females.

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Anonymous said...

"One-hundred percent of the senior technical and program leaders are men."

Is this so bad? If they are best at doing the job then it is just obvious why those men are in charge.