Sunday, September 26, 2021

19-Year-Old English Actress Who was Murdered by Her black Boyfriend Had Lived with Him for a Year—Guess Where?

[“Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men: A Flyer (Unamusement Park).”]

By Eahilf

Amy Barnes: The details of her killing have to be read to be believed:
19-Year-Old English Actress Who was Murdered by Her black Boyfriend Had Lived with Him for a Year—Guess Where?

As came out in the first day of trial, Amy had been living with Morrison for a year prior to her death, at her parents’ home. Then shortly before the murder the couple moved into Amy’s grandmother’s home, which was where she was killed.

Eahilf: What kind of parents would allow their White daughter to cohabit with a black in their own house? Whites have fallen into a bottomless pit of degradation.

Reminds me of the murder of Madison, WI doctor Beth Potter and her husband by the mystery-meat, adopted daughter’s (from Central America as I recall) black boyfriend – link.


Anonymous said...

He probably knocked her around for a year,she had enough and blackie killed her.blacks want a lifetime commitment from their White girlfriends.Unfortunately,it's a short lifetime in many cases.


eahilf said...

A touching scene no doubt (link):

Trial judge Mr Justice MacDuff warned the packed courtroom there was to be no reaction when the verdict was given on Morrison. ... Morrison, clutching a bible, bowed his head, put one hand to his face and appeared to begin weeping.

(Morrison is her murderer, for those who don't recall.)


Football coach Ricardo Morrison was facing life in jail today for the frenzied knife murder of his girlfriend, model and Hollyoaks actress Amy Leigh Barnes ... Morrison used a six-inch kitchen knife to attack Miss Barnes, 19, ...


Morrison had a violent history of attacking his partners and other young women, it can be revealed for the first time. ... In chilling similarities to his fatal assault on Miss Barnes, Morrison, 22, repeatedly attacked an ex-girlfriend who was too scared to give evidence against him in his murder trial. ... And less than a month before he stabbed Miss Barnes, 19, to death with a six-inch kitchen knife, he attacked five women, headbutting and punching victims in the face in a London nightclub.

Lawyers who put clients up to things like the Bible stunt are the scum of the earth and ought to be flogged and disbarred.

The dumb deluded Amy Barnes knew he was violent but tolerated it for some time -- nonetheless any decent person feels sympathy for her: she was conscious long enough to make an emergency call -- she knew she was dying -- her last minutes must have been horrific.

And the stupid court believed his lying mother:

His mother, Melda Wilks, 50, a policewoman for almost 30 years, was cleared by the jury of assisting an offender. ... She allowed him to wash his bloodstained clothes after he fled Bolton to the family home in Rubery, West Midlands, hours after the attack on November 8 last year. ... She claimed she believed her son when he told her he had not harmed Miss Barnes. ... “I was not thinking as a police officer but as a mother,” she said.

Tear-jerking testimony, I'm sure.

The UK is so fucking cucked.

eahilf said...

>blacks want a lifetime commitment from their White girlfriends

It's a big status win in front of the brothers, especially a physically attractive girl like Amy Barnes -- this is one reason they go homicidal when that status is threatened -- despite all the media's effort, everyone knows Blacks are the dregs of society, including Blacks themselves -- one way to take a step away from that is to have a white girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Why do you capitalize "black" and lower case "White"?


eahilf said...

>Why do you capitalize "black" and lower case "White"?

Fair question -- you are the first to notice and ask.

While I'm aware of the recent AP style recommendations re capitalization, I've been doing it the way I do it for at least 20 years, and have no plans to change -- my rule is this: when referring to a person or persons (a noun), I capitalize: e.g. a White (a single white person), Whites (more than one White, or white people generally), a Black, Blacks -- when white or black is used as an adjective, I don't capitalize: e.g. a white person, a black man.

Like I said, I've been doing it this way for a LONG time, way before the recent AP style changes (which are fucking anti-white bullshit of course) -- as I recall, I decided to do it this way in reaction to Asian, Hispanic, Jew (others?), which are always capitalized -- so I decided to capitalize white when used as a noun to refer to people.

It seemed reasonable to me, and still does -- I see no reason to capitalize white or black when used as adjectives.

Reviewing my comments here, I think I followed my rule.

Both the AP style rules themselves as well as seeing how many follow them really disgusts me.