Sunday, September 26, 2021

Mexican Man Confessed to Beating His Girlfriend's Son, 2, to Death for Allegedly Wiping Feces on Him; Mom is Profiting Off Neglect and Murder

Child-murderer Arturo Santiago Pena Almanza Jr. Don't worry; his Legal Aid lawyer will get him to recant his confession.

By A Texas Reader
Fri, Sep 24, 2021 6:26 p.m.

Mexican Man Charged with Killing Boy, 2, He Said Wiped Feces on Him

ATR: #HispanicHeritageMonth



N.S.: "A GoFundMe has been set up for the family to help cover the child's funeral expenses."

The mother ought to win Mexican Illegal Mother of the Year, and an Indictment for Child Endangerment and Facilitation of Murder, for letting a thug like Almanza anywhere near her baby. But instead, she'll profit, with the help of GoFundMe.

Postscript, 7:33 p.m.: And what "family"? There's just an illegal alien, unwed mother without child.

Corrected version: A GoFraudMe account has been set up for the mother-from-hell, in order to fill her pockets, so that she might spend a few weeks partying, celebrating her child's murder.


Anonymous said...

Of course,not one peso should be donated to that account.


eahilf said...

GoFundMe has created a kind of weird, gauche voyeur/beggar culture -- not to mention the people who run it are total libtard pieces of shit.

eahilf said...

>And what "family"?

You could ask the same thing every time you hear about 'black families' -- 70+% out-of-wedlock births, significantly greater than 50% chance that when a black woman has 2 kids, the kids have different fathers, err baby daddies, and she isn't married to either one.