Monday, September 27, 2021

Article on Unaccompanied Minors


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Article DID NOT address the issue of the skewed gender ratio of unaccompanied "minors": They are around 99% males. Unaccompanied females are rare for a number of reasons, one of which is that they come from cultures in which underage females are usually married off to older men before they get to old to decide if cranking out babies at 12 is something they really want to do.
Neither did the article address the rampant age fraud practiced by these "minors", around 40% of these "kids" are adult men posing as being under 18 and many of these men will be placed in school with our children.

The fact this writer Don Barnett, or any others like him, either does not know about these issues (how could they not?), or is ignoring them suggests he is either disturbingly ignorant or deliberately avoiding controversy.

Anonymous said...

They don't need to CHANGE the law. They just need to enforce the existing law regarding illegals. Let us start with that.

eahilf said...

>They are around 99% males.

That's probably too high, but yes they are typically overwhelmingly male -- and many lie about their age so they will be treated as minors.

I saw a study by a German academic showing that due to accepting too/so many of them (a good percentage bogus), in the lower age cohorts Sweden now has a male/female sex imbalance (too many males) worse than countries that practice female infanticide (nowadays usually via abortion, assisted by ultrasound sex determination in utero).

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yes, I thought for a moment, maybe 99% is too high. I usually shift between 90% to 99% in my commentary on this issue. What does it really even matter? Compared to the outright lies employed by our enemies, it's nothing, just a little hyperbole to emphasize a valid point. The Muslim, African, East Asian and Latin world comprises most of the world's population, between 5 and 6 billion people. They can ship uncounted millions of young males to the West indefinitely. It's not a one shot deal because with their exploding birth rates and practices like polygamy, child bride marriage and female infanticide are capable of sending surplus males to the 1st world in an unending stream. Even if, let's say 7% of these "unaccompanied minors" are female, it will radically skew the gender balance in the first world in favor of males (as you pointed out, already happened in Sweden). The only thing holding it in check, somewhat, is our border enforcement and immigration laws, imagine what will happen if the globalists get their way and erase those laws and our borders.

I've been accused of repeating myself on this issue. But the people who say that are always Wokesters who themselves continuously recycle the same BLM/progressive/lib lies and stories about mythical racial persecution over and over, but then when I bring up global issues (all practiced by non Whites) like child bride marriage, polygamy the genocide of the world's women and how it affects immigration, they cluelessly and hypocritically ask me why I keep bringing it up over and over...