Sunday, September 26, 2021

usa today: "Whip Imagery in Border Patrol Clash with (Illegal Alien) Haitians Recalls Slavery Era"; Photographer Who Took Picture Says Media Full of Crap

usa today: "Whip Imagery in Border Patrol Clash with Haitians Recalls Slavery Era"

By A Texas Reader
Fri, Sep 24, 2021 10:01 p.m.

Photographer Who Took Picture of Border Patrol “Whipping” Illegals Says Media Full of Crap

N.S.: And what if they had whipped them with their reins?

ATR: Screw that.

Shoot them dead on sight.


Anonymous said...

Give the media a 10 billion gallon dose of Miralax--and get out of the way. It won't be pretty,but it might work.

Anonymous said...

I had Mex move in next door to me about 6 years ago with those same type of items(brought in on a U-Haul) at 2 in the morning.All the adults were felons and one was a sex offender.I got them evicted about 10 months later after many "disagreements" with them about various issues.


Anonymous said...

Even the photographer says the reins did not hit anyone nor did the horse hit any one either.

The agent at the border was so mad because the illegal was hiding behind women and children preventing the agent from turning the illegal back.

eahilf said...

The Covington 'smirk' in whip form.