Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Dying Curser DMX' 15 Kids

By "W"
Wed, Apr 7, 2021 5:05 a.m.

Dying Rapper DMX' 15 Kids

"W": He will live on through his many sprogs:



Anonymous said...

No wonder he died of a heart attack.He probably screwed women at a rate that Wilt Chamberlain used to do.However Wilt,I don't recall,ever had kids.


Anonymous said...

(NYPost)When asked how he “picks” whom he wants to “breed with,” DMX, who claims to be a deacon, said: “I’m just like a dog. I sniff the ass, I wag my tail.”

Sounds like a 6 hour funeral special should be on tap--on NBC --for a guy this classy.Typical nog.


Anonymous said...

Daddy who?? That is the ones that are known. Probably a lot more besides.