Monday, April 19, 2021

The Tightening Noose: Denying the Right Access to Mainstream Banking

By "W"
Mon, Apr 19, 2021 1:12 p.m.

The Tightening Noose: Denying Right Access to Mainstream Banking


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The prosecution laid out their case--"believe what you see,"in a professional way,while Eric Nelson started out on the wrong foot by using the outer space alien reference "possessing Chauvin's body,"as an example of unreasonable doubt.

Reasonable doubt.From what I know of the law of second and third degree murder,manslaughter and importantly assault.There are a lot of ways to convict Chauvin.What was intent?Did Chauvin's action result in the other factors of drugs,heart disease or covid killing Floyd--is the way it's being explained--as enough evidence for a guilty verdict.Only if the knee on the back caused no effect could Chauvin be found not guilty,is the way I understand it.

Nelson did mention that if that type of placement of the knee were going to be deadly,it would have occurred immediately--not 9 minutes later.

I believe,not guilty of the felonies,but guilty of not providing CPR--after death.