Friday, April 16, 2021

The Indy Fedex Mass Murder by a Raceless Gunman: Two Possible Bits of Info from the Latest Statement by Indy Police—if You Interpret What People are Saying

[“8 People Dead, Several Wounded in Late-Night Mass Shooting at FedEx Facility in Indianapolis.”]

[N.S.: It’s official, here at WEJB/NSU: The Indy fedex mass murderer was raceless. I have made that judgment based on the fake police’s refusal to racially identify him, which they would have immediately done, had he been White, and on their bafflement, as to his motive. The fake police are never “baffled” as to the motive of a White killer.

Circa 1970, when the black supremacist murder cult, the nation of islam, began slaughtering Whites (and in one case, Arab Sammi Erekat) up and down the state of California, the FBI and state police began collecting information on the killings, which they knew had been carried out by clean-cut, conservatively dressed, young black men. And yet, law enforcement officials then drew the completely illogical conclusion that the murders were “motiveless.” Already then, the racist taboo against telling the truth about black-on-White crime had been institutionalized within law enforcement. So, systemic racism, aka institutionalized racism, aka structural racism, is real!)

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, April 16, 2021 at 2:13:00 P.M. EDT

Two Possible Bits of Info from the Latest Statement by Indy Police—if You Interpret What People are Saying

(startribune) — Police scoured a Fedex facility in Indianapolis and interviewed scores of witnesses Friday in search of a motive for the latest mass shooting to rock the U.S., as family members of the eight victims spent agonizing hours waiting for word on their loved ones.

Authorities identified the shooter as a young man in his 20s. They said they could not yet say why he opened fire with a rifle late Thursday night at a FedEx processing center near the Indianapolis airport.

[GRA: Here’s the first bit of info.] Police Chief Randal Taylor also noted that a “significant” number of employees at the facility are members of the Sikh community. Taylor spoke from a hotel where family members are awaiting word on their loved ones. He says he will stay with the families until they get more information.

Deputy Chief Craig McCartt of the Indianapolis police said the gunman started randomly shooting at people in the parking lot and then went into the building and continued firing. He said the gunman apparently died by suicide shortly before police entered the facility.

[GRA: Here’s the second bit of info.]

A witness described what happened [GRA: I capitalized the important words.]

“I see a man come out with a rifle in his hand and he starts firing and HE STARTS YELLING STUFF THAT I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND,” Levi Miller told wthr-tv. “What I ended up doing was ducking down to make sure he did not see me because I thought he would see me and he would shoot me.”

GRA: Foreign language, I take that as [arabic].




Anonymous said...

Update (1435ET): NBC News said three law enforcement officials identified the shooter who stormed into an Indianapolis, Indiana, FedEx Ground facility, killing eight people and wounding at least four others Thursday night, is Brandon Scott Hole,19.

"Law enforcement sources confirm to @PeteWilliamsNBC that the Indianapolis gunman was [19] year old Brandon Scott Hole," NBC's Antonia Hylton tweeted.

According to CNN, "the suspect in the Indianapolis mass shooting was known to federal and local authorities prior to the attack. A family member of the suspected shooter reached out to authorities warning about the suspect’s potential for violence, according to three law enforcement sources briefed on the matter."

The suspected gunman killed himself shortly before police arrived.

* * *

Update (0600ET): The fatality numbers from America's latest mass shooting are in. At least 8 people were killed during last night's shooting rampage at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis. Those 8 were officially declared dead at the scene. At least 4 others have been taken to the hospital and treated for injuries, with at least one of those in critical condition.


Anonymous said...

And if anyone is guessing from "Brandon" that he's White,a couple posters on ZH brought up the fact that...
"Brandon Scott is the black mayor of Baltimore. Brandon Marshall was a black football player. That's 2 easy ones."

Also,no ID that he's White--but we'll see.


Anonymous said...

From to know about Brandon Scott Hole:

At one point in the initial police dispatch audio, which you can listen to later in this article, dispatchers said the suspect was described as a “white male wearing a hat” or hoodie and carrying a rifle type weapon."

GRA:We've heard that before.

That's all I've got so far.