Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Georgetown Affair: New Levels of Progressive Reality Denial

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The Georgetown Affair: New Levels of Progressive Reality Denial

The Georgetown Affair: New Levels Of Progressive Reality Denial
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The Georgetown Affair: New Levels Of Progressive Reality Denial

* Just a few months ago (December 2020) I declared that the "essence of progressivism is refusal to deal with reality." I had some pretty good examples in that post, but none of them can top the current convulsions that are upending Georgetown Law School. * At Georgetown recently, a teacher made the mistake of uttering a small dose of reality while speaking to a colleague. This occurred after a recorded class had concluded and everyone else had signed out, but while the recording of the class was still running. Needless to say, the recording of the teacher's remarks promptly hit Twitter. Thereupon, all hell broke loose. * The subject of the reality that must not be spoken is of course the current all-consuming obsession of academia, namely race. The question I pose is, are Georgetown, and for that matter all of academia, taking this obsession so far as to fully undermine their principal mission?

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
More MeToo news, as if you haven't had enough....

Natalie Portman is denying that she and Moby "dated" when she was 18 (or 20?) and he was 33. Apparently Moby (some C level fame musician in case you're wondering) claimed in his memoirs that he and Portman dated when she was 20 or so (according to him), but Portman says she had just turned 18 and they didn't really "date", they just kind of hung out together casually, and felt having Moby interested in her was "creepy" and "inappropriate".

A few things come to mind, first off, 18 or 20, she's still of age and there are couples with a 13 to 15 year age difference that are doing just fine, so that in itself is not wrong, but Portman, like most women, feel they have a right to arbitrarily label any particular case they choose as being "wrong" somehow, while other similar ones are perfectly OK. I mean if it had been a 33 yr. old Brad Pitt, would she have thought it was inappropriate or creepy? Something tells me that would be different, but because Moby isn't good looking, he's a creep. Plenty, if not most, of these MeToo stories seem to have a similar pattern.

It's entirely possible Moby thought there was more in his brief dalliance with Portman than there really was, maybe he was feeling the pain of a man getting older and finding young women he used to be able to get no longer being interested, so embellished a bit in his memoirs. But if Portman wanted to set the record straight, she didn't need to label him as being "creepy" and "inappropriate" because he was an older guy she wasn't attracted to.

Anonymous said...

Was this man being recorded without his permission. And what is the law in that regard at Georgetown.