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State Budget Time in New York and Florida

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State Budget Time in New York and Florida

State Budget Time In New York And Florida
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State Budget Time in New York and Florida

* Many people of a libertarian bent, such as myself, often express frustration with Republican politicians for their lack of dedication to small-government principles. But then, the alternative is Democrats, who have somehow turned into the party that believes there are no longer any limits on government spending and taxes. *

If you think there isn't a whole lot of difference between how the two parties govern when in power, you might want to compare what's going on these days in Florida versus New York. In Florida, both state legislative chambers, and the governorship, are controlled by Republicans; in New York, it's Democrats. *

April is the time of year that the states tend to finalize their budgets for the coming fiscal year. In New York, the state Constitution sets an April 1 deadline for enacting a budget for the upcoming July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. The deadline is often missed, sometimes by a lot, but this year the process has just concluded. *

Florida also has a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year, but the process of enacting the budget can extend into June. Nevertheless, by this time there are good indications where it will end up.

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