Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Pre-School Teacher, 25, Complained, "The vaccine is killing me today"; Facebook "fact checked her"... and then She Died

By An Old Friend
Tue, Apr 6, 2021 10:46 a.m.

25-Year-Old Woman Killed by "Vaccine"

AOF: Jim Holt at Gateway Pundit https://magazine.whatfinger.com/view/?linkid=171648 writes that Desiree Penrod, a pre-school teacher, only 25 years old, posted that "The vaccine is killing me." Facebook then "fact checked her" But a week later she was indeed dead. Reality fact-checked Facebook, but don't expect an apology from Zuckerschmuck.


Anonymous said...

I haven't received it yet,I'm waiting to see if Whitmer orders it to become compulsory--either with that word or by an alliance with businesses to ban non-vacciners from entering their establishment.

The explosion of Covid cases in Michigan continues.Supposedly the surge in nationwide cases are centralized in five states.



Anonymous said...

Interesting that states with the greatest surges are ones with the greatest vaccination rates. And worldwide, climb in rates happened when vaccine was introduced. In a nursing home in Germany, they got more cases after vaccination than they had had the entire year. This could all just be coincidence. Or perhaps some of the side effects some scientists warned about--such as pathogenic priming could be happening. I sure hope these worried scientists are wrong because with the millions being vaccinated, this could be the start of a REAL disaster. In any case, young people being vaccinated is insane--they have little to fear from the Wuhan virus, but are playing Chinese Roulette with their health by getting the "vaccine"--both in the short term as with this teacher, and in the long term because no one, no one, knows what the effect of the "vaccine" will be over months and years. And the proposed vaccination of children is criminal.