Saturday, April 17, 2021

More and More People are Waking Up, and Now Dismiss the msm—but Others Must Lead the Way!

[Re: “The CIA Used to Infiltrate the Me-dia; Now the CIA is the Media.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 5:57:00 P.M. EDT

There are a lot more people on websites, such as Breitbart, who now totally and vociferously, dismiss ap, cnn, nbc, wapo, n.y. times, et al., as opposed to a year ago.

I started pounding on those news sources when there were very few paying attention and now, an ap story that’s pro-thug gets laughed off the page.

Not saying I did it, but I tried to get people to open their eyes to this media propaganda—maybe I assisted a tiny bit.

Now we need to organize and protest at those media headquarters until they either change or get toppled.




Anonymous said...


GRA:Complete with upper case "b" for them and lower case "w" for us.Here is AP propaganda at its most infuriating.

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (AP) — As protests intensified in the Minneapolis suburb where a police officer fatally shot Daunte Wright, a group of Black men joined the crowd intent on keeping the peace and preventing protests from escalating into violence.

(GRA:Really?And AP believed that?)

Hundreds of people have gathered outside the heavily guarded Brooklyn Center police station every night since Sunday, when former Officer Kim Potter, who is white, shot the 20-year-old Black motorist during a traffic stop. Despite the mayor’s calls for law enforcement and protesters to scale back their tactics, the nights have often ended in objects hurled, tear gas and arrests.
(GRA:Which is the way it SHOULD end,if you riot like the blacks have done.)

The Black men at the edge of the crowd wear yellow patches on protective vests that identify them as members of the Minnesota Freedom Fighters, a group formed to provide security in Minneapolis’ north side neighborhoods during unrest following the death of George Floyd last year. They are not shy about casting a forceful image — the group’s Facebook page features members posing with assault-style weapons and describes itself as an “elite security unit” — but on Friday the Freedom Fighters didn’t appear to be armed and said they intended only to encourage peaceful protesting.
(GRA:"Didn't appear to be armed".If you believe that,I have a few houses in the ghetto to sell you that will be headache free.)

As several people began to rattle a fence protecting the Brooklyn Center police department, the Freedom Fighters communicated to each other over walkie-talkies. They declined to say how many are in their group.
(GRA:They can't count that high?)

On recent nights, the Freedom Fighters have moved through the crowd in formation, wearing body armor and dark clothing, weaving past umbrella-wielding demonstrators to create separation along a double-layer perimeter security fence. Their passive tactics are intended to deescalate the tension, preventing agitators from pressing forward and provoking the law enforcement officers standing at attention with pepper-ball and less-lethal sponge grenade launchers at the ready.

(GRA:They're fuc*ing HEROES--NOT.blacks like these are in the takeover business--using the same method Raz Simone perpetrated in Seattle to form an autonomous zone called CHAZ--which was an area of rape,robbery and murder.)

“We can keep it peaceful,” said Tyrone Hartwell, a 36-year-old former U.S. Marine who belongs to the group. “There’s always somebody in the group that wants to incite something,” adding that throwing objects at the police takes the focus away from their calls for justice and saps energy from the movement.

GRA:So let me understand this concept:associated press is 100% in favor of armed blacks(yes,they're armed)taking over neighborhoods,but 3 Whites get together to protest against blacks ruining our cities and the sirens sound about White supremacy).

This blogsite may be uncensored,but N.S. could not print my thoughts on the traitorous associated press and its allies--nbc,cbs,cnn and the like.


Anonymous said...


GRA:The bottom line question is:Shouldn't White women cease to have White kids anymore-if they're truly woke?Shouldn't Brennan--and others like her--dump their White(Jordanian,in this case) husbands en masse and make their way to the ghettos of our big cities and allow themselves to be made available to black thugs for insemination by the bucket loads?

Further,shouldn't Brennan be fired for continuing the legacy of "Whiteness"--with White childbirth--when the groups she espouses, demand "less Whites" in our politics and our world in general?What possible excuse can she give for her anti-black behavior?

None--CBS must remove her--just as they dumped Sharon Osbourne for being "racist".Certainly,Brennan's sin--by her actions--is much more aggregious than Osbourne's words and should be punished with the same severe consequences all Whites have suffered for not being woke enough--Brennan must be terminated.

No excuses.


Anonymous said...

Just turning on the TV is a chore for me now. Besides the news programming just so poor. News far worse. Just turn it off rather than on. Unplug the set actually even better.