Tuesday, April 20, 2021

George W. Bush Reminds the World that He was One of the Worst Presidents in American History: He Calls for Open Borders, and Praises the Show Trial of Officer Derek Chauvin

By Nicholas Stix

He’s obituary-shopping.



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Anonymous said...

Chauvin guilty and George Bush on here too--it's a lousy day to read the news.

I had to laugh,watching NNN tonight,Lesta had a parade of blacks come on to gleefully laugh at any Whites watching.

"We is just getting started," they said(to excuse black criminal behavior and arrest Whites for trying to stop us,that is).

They switched to Al Sharpton holding court with about 20 blacks--these same blacks that supposedly wish for racial harmony,had zero Whites in that group. SOME black sympathizing White would have shown up,but I think blackie wanted solidarity--no Whites allowed.