Monday, April 26, 2021

David in TN Reviews the Second Episode (of Four) in the starz encore network’s Show on black Serial Killer Samuel Little, and Sifts Through the Mixed Messages

[Re: “Episode One of Series on black Samuel Little, America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer.”]

By David in TN
Monday, April 26, 2021 at 12:17:00 A.M. EDT

I saw the second episode (of four) in the starz encore network’s show on serial killer Samuel Little. Again, the program is better than expected. It was billed as showing the “systematic sexism and racial bias” in the justice system. Actually, it shows something else.

A black career criminal murders for decades, and gets acquitted in Florida for murdering a White woman. In San Diego for rape and attempted murder, he gets a hung jury, then a plea bargain to four years. He serves two, which was and is standard policy.

Where is this “racist justice system” that oppresses blacks?

The program’s host rails against jurors who won’t believe female witnesses who were engaged in prostitution. Well, it’s usually WOMEM jurors who don’t like these witnesses. There are often female jurors who take a pro-defense mindset.

Remember the report I gave you on the first Vanessa Coleman trial in 2010 for her role in the Knoxville Horror? In that one, the jury was allowed to ask questions. I saw white female jurors asking pro-defense questions.

Coleman got a “53-year” sentence in the first trial, “35 years” (actually 29) in the retrial, and comes up for parole every six years.



David In TN said...

I saw the third episode (of four) in the Starz Encore Network's show on black Serial Killer Samuel Little.

This one starts with Little's family background, such as it was. His mother was 16, didn't want him, tried to kill him. She left him by the side of a country road in Georgia. A peddler picked him up and gave him to his paternal grandparents who took him to the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Little started petty crime as a "teen." Surprise, surprise. He went to a reformatory, got use to gang rapes. His birth mother asked him to join her in Miami when Little was 26. He and his mother would go to bed together and have sex. Or so Little said.

He had always wanted to strangle women, finally started in 1971, age 30.

The best part of the episode is an account of the 2014 Los Angeles trial in which Little was convicted of three murders from the late 1980s. Little was caught from having to submit his DNA as a sex offender. The left-wing media and politicians had campaigned against this DNA base, without which Little would never have been identified, convicted and given a "Life" sentence.

The audience isn't told this.

The host of the program is an oddball of sorts, says she had been a prostitute/"sex worker" at one time. She is married to a White man, but has two adopted black males, age 8 and 12. At the end of the episode, she is shown telling her eldest about Little. He mumbles something about lack of "empathy," doesn't seem too interested.

David In TN said...

There is something I would add. Little was a typical member of the black criminal class. A fact the Starz Encore show's host misses.