Thursday, April 15, 2021

Chauvin Will Not Testify

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 11:25:00 A.M. EDT

GRA: According to court tv, Eric Nelson has decided on the strategy of his client NOT testifying in his own behalf. I’m not sure of the percentages of guilty verdicts vs. not- guilty verdicts when that occurs, but I would surmise that more “guilty” than “not” would be the likely outcome—as juries think the defendant has something to hide by not offering testimony.

The O.J. Simpson verdict being one of the exceptions.




Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
We get the message here...If you're black you can do whatever you want and whites can do nothing:
A white Army Sgt. is seen on video berating and shoving a young black man but there is no real context to the story because it focuses almost exclusively on the fact the Sgt. is white and the other guy is black. Then it shows a mass of BLM thugs surrounding the white man's house and referred to vandalism and harassment to the point his family had to move.
The one clue that things are not how the media is portraying is a reference to "other incidents" the black man was previously involved in around the neighborhood but it did not specify. Then is showed a local police spokesperson (or should I say BLM operative?) saying what the black man did, it did not justify what the "white man" did. Really? Why not tell us exactly what he did and let us decide? Was he harassing white women? Peeping in windows? Exposing himself? Trespassing with intent to steal? In the minds of BLM nazi's and their white lackeys it doesn't matter, none of that would justify the "white man" putting his hands on him. Of course if a white man were caught in a black neighborhood doing much less than any of that, it would be perfectly justified if a gang of blacks beat him to a pulp. New rules for a new world order and whites will required to live by them....or else.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
South Dakota will NOT be taking any illegal immigrants from the Biden Administration:
So says Governor Kristi Noem! Can we trade her for our (globalist operative) Governor Kate Brown? Noem is the Governor we need, she's not a mass migration zealot, isn't a lesbian and a heck of a lot better looking than old prune face.