Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Breaking News Alert: Derek Chauvin Found Guilty on All Charges in Death of George Floyd

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Derek Chauvin Found Guilty on All Charges in Death of George Floyd



Anonymous said...

The judge gave 14 pages of instructions and I bet none of the jury members had the guts to ignore the judge and do what was right. Anyone who signs up for a police job in a big city or the leftist suburbs is suicidal. Time for all police in these leftist hellholes to shrug--as in Atlas Shrugged. Quit your leftist city and look for a job in a rural town or county--otherwise you could end up spending the rest of your life in prison just for doing your job. Unfortunately, the same thing is happening in the armed forces as the big shots go "woke." I'm sure there will be an appeal but should it go all the way to the Supreme Court, don't count on the wimps Trump appointed to do the right thing. When I found out that Barrett had adopted two foreign black kids, I immediately thought "virtue signalling" and had little hope she would be a stand up judge.

Anonymous said...

I compare this to arresting a doctor for murder because his patient(with a bad ticker)ran a marathon and dropped dead.


Anonymous said...

Never have I ever seen so many people smiling and happy that a White cop was found guilty of being at the scene where a black drug addict over-exerted himself and dropped dead.I just saw the VP on TV with a huge grin--this after watching all the court tv sympathizers approve,followed by Sharpton's brood(which I noticed on second viewing,included john boehner)and my local WOODTV news announcers--all looking as if it was Christmas morning.

If Floyd had gone into the car peacefully,none of this would have happened.blacks can now take away the following:
1)rioting pays off in provoking fear of Whitey in court cases.
2)blacks can see that fighting cops,when being arrested,is a win/win situation.On the one hand,they may get away or kill a cop.On the other hand,if they get killed,the cop is in trouble and the famblee receives millions in the black lottery.

3)With the media on their side,blacks know they can do no wrong.

Another downward step into oblivion for Whites was taken today--with the pace noticeably quickening.

And Whites don't care.